Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fourth Post - Links

Contrary to the ads on television showing parents doing the happy dance as September gets closer, many parents, teens, children and TEACHERS, are experiencing some fairly typical, back to school anxiety. This anxious state often goes hand in hand with the anticipation and expectation of a new year. I'm not sure who's more excited or nervous; parents, teens, children or teachers. Rather than listing strategies to "cope" with the emotions of the next several weeks, I've decided to add a "links" gadget and list some useful resources surrounding anxiety and its partner depression. The link "Peace of Mind" includes a brief depression screening as well as an anxiety screening that you may find helpful. Several sites are applicable to adults and parents as well as teens and children. For a bit of balance I've included a link to an ADD/ADHD website. If you decide to view a link or two, please send me some feedback.

How do you approach the "Back to School" days?


Enjoying the last days of summer vacation.

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  1. Every one enjoys the summer holidays and going back to school means homework and thats always a drag lol but seeing your friends and doing all the fun things the school keeps kids busy with, is something to look forward to. I personally am always amazed at how creative kids are today.
    A lot different from our times.
    If its a decision to stay home or go to school, most would prefer to go to school I think.As for teachers, well they get a chance to see the future they are building. They see promise.
    They get joy in watching kids graduate and the kids are also thankful that these teachers put up with them and all their shenanigans, But this is youth and its expected. I think if the kids did nothing, this would be something to worry about.