Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eighth Post - Sleepovers

Growing up, I had the kind of mom who loved to have our home filled with friends. With four kids, that often made for a lot of friends/noise/chaos etc. Mom was also very generous when it came to allowing sleepovers (although I'm not sure we really called them that back in the 60's). What fun! Endless chatter, limitless snacks, cramped quarters - these ranged from camping on the trampoline outside to sleeping under the grand piano in the living room. We'd share stories; fact and fiction, crushes, secrets. This summer I had some fun sleepovers with grandchildren, children and most recently a good friend. Who'd have thought that in my 50's I'd still get a kick out of staying up all night talking  - albeit, all night meant a 10:30 pm bedtime. Three nights with a visiting friend who came to keep me company while my husband was away for a few days. We laughed, we drank, we talked endlessly, and laughed some more. We shared stories, fact and fiction, secrets of  long ago. We bragged about our children, we complained about our children. With age we've become wiser and to our sleepover repertoire, we added solving a world problem or two! As the evening progressed - along with our consumption of wine, we shared our dreams of things yet to come, our hopes for our children and eventually their children .........We sat outside in the cool evening and I marvelled in the joy of fellowship with a friend. And we did all this in our jammies, because this was a sleepover. By 10:30 (let's round that up to 11:00) my friend was settled on our cozy red couch, and I in my own sleeping on the floor for these gals. (until the third night, but that's another story involving a couple of party crashers). I'm heading to work tomorrow more tired than usual, but satisfied with a weekend well spent.

When was the last time you had an old fashioned, talk all night, eat all night, sleepover?

Who knows? It was a sleepover!


  1. Oh this is soo much fun.
    I don't sleep much nights but my house also has sleep overs and the kids do not sleep till they conk out usually around 5 then they sleep till 1 pm.

  2. I used to live 20 miles out of town and traveled on the bus, so our sleepovers consisted of spending weekends over at friends.