Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sixth Post - Newness

I have always equated September with newness. Not because of summer morphing into fall, but because of SCHOOL! When I was young, it was about a new grade, a new teacher, new notebooks, new pencils/pens, new clothes and new friends. Upon graduation from Secondary school, I moved on to University and again, was delighted with the newness of September - new courses, new textbooks, new notebooks, new pens, new profs, new clothes and new friends. Following graduation from University I began my teaching career (31 years ago, but that's a whole other blog). For thirty one years, September has brought a new assignment, new students, new curriculum, new daybooks, new clothes and new friends. I've been a school counsellor since the mid 2000's and here I am once again on the doorstep of new school assignments, new students, new parents, new stories, new clothes and new friends! It is not infrequently that I remind myself how blessed I am to have a profession that has evolved with me and one that I truly love. Of course there are seems they are 'new every morning', but I can't think of a career that would have been a better fit.
What newness are you anticipating this September?


New Shoes

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  1. My life follows my children. Everything new for them, is new for me.
    The rest follows a pattern of life I guess.
    Each season changes are made to continue what was not finished last season.New paintings, new sewing,new crafts,new holidays new bills lol
    Keeps one going.:)