Monday, October 11, 2010

Eleventh Post - Perspective

It's old news that people see things differently. We all have our unique perspective of, well, of just about everything. Each of us are influenced by the impact of events on our lives. How often have you and your siblings reflected differently on your family of origin? How often do you and your spouse have "discussions" because of how each of you perceive circumstances/situations/past events?
There is an old, old story, about a Dad and Daughter who went on the same road trip year after year. One day Dad and Daughter were reflecting on the scenery they had passed on their journey. Dad
commented about a beautiful pond  that he had seen on the side of the roadway. Daughter shook her head and declared that there was absolutely no pond anywhere along the way. An argument ensued with neither Dad nor Daughter shifting their position. It wasn't until years later, when Daughter took the trip herself, and while now sitting in the drivers seat, saw the most beautiful pond on the left side of the highway. For all the years she was the passenger - sitting on the other side of the car, she never saw the beautiful sight her Dad had enjoyed. It took a shift in her perspective (not to mention seat) to be able to see what her Dad had seen all along.

How many disagreements could be resolved if we allowed for "where we're sitting in the car"?

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."
— Anaïs Nin

Dad and Daughter - same store - different perspective!


  1. So true. And if only people would look when you point things out to them. That could help.
    I always like to point out animals on the highways and my kids's just a cow Mom. Get over it. lol
    I would say yes but we can see it close to the highway. Isn't it great? I get more joy out of seeing a cow than the kids do. Yesterday we saw a skunk and even this was nice to see apart from the fact that it stinks lol

    A more serious time is when you tell your kid,he just went through a stop sign and he tells you ,no I didn't and then he tells you there was no stop sign. The next time you take him on the same route and point out to him the stop sign, he tells you we are on another road.
    This means learning does not take place.
    Learning takes place when a person acknowledges what you say to be true.
    Yup. It's not easy. :(

  2. I always appreciate your comments and insights!!! You sound like a very wise person.