Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thirteenth Post - Addiction

I am not an expert on addiction. Neither from personal experience nor education. Addiction has always been on my list as a 'disorder' to be referred. Well, never say never! It would appear that within the last year and more poignantly this past month, I've come face to face with young people and/or adults grappling with addiction. Some are in denial, some are ready for change, some are blaming others, some are stuck and almost all are in the midst of significant destruction. 
As stated in my opening I am not an addictions counsellor.  It would, however, seem that more and more of my clients are coming to me coping (or not coping)  with the impact of addiction. In an almost humorous twist, my 'out of work' world has been inundated with stories of recovery and treatment. At church - a Pastor resigns because of his addiction; at my husband's pastoral counselling class (which I audit), the guest speaker is teaching on addiction; the last two novels I've chosen to read strictly for recreation, have focused on addiction. Rachel's Holiday - would you think that by the title, it's about a girl in treatment?
Yes, God.....You have my attention!
There are many good resources available. I've added some new sites to my links box as well as below.
If you are a parent and you suspect your child is experimenting with alcohol and/or drugs, don't keep silent.  has some great suggestions to get a conversation going. is another website that you can share with your child. I suggest, if possible, you look at it with them.  If your child is moving along the spectrum of addiction and is willing may be a helpful site for them to explore on those days they are contemplating getting help.
This is a complex, societal as well as personal issue. There is no easy or quick fix. In a short month I've learned alot. I've been reminded of what I already knew and have discovered some great resources - people as well as books and websites.
Today is Sunday and I share one short anecdote before closing.
My husband loves to record the Gaither Gospel Hour on Saturday nights to watch as he begins his Sunday mornings. I rarely watch this with him, but I decided that this morning I would. And of course you know what came up...... another addiction story! The Crabb Family - the featured group - told the story of their father, who was an alcoholic. In a crisis of belief, and a moment of lucidness, the song 'Please Forgive Me' was born. That moment of surrender had a profound impact on the whole family. Out of humility, strength and courage were gained. In this family, surrender equalled victory!

If addiction has impacted you or your family, are you ready for change?

                        Please Forgive Me, sung by the Crabb Family

My sleep is gone, my heart is full of sorrow
I can't believe how much I've let you down
I dread the pain that waits for me tomorrow
When the sun reveals my broken dreams scattered on the ground

Please forgive me
I need your grace to make it through
All I have is you, I'm at your mercy
Lord, I'll serve you
Until my dying day
Help others find the way
At your mercy, please forgive me

I can't believe the god of earth and glory
Would take the time to care for one like me
But i read in the bible that old story
How he plead for my forgiveness while he was dying on a tree

Repeat chorus 2x

Freedom, Hope, Faith...Better is Possible

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