Sunday, October 24, 2010

Twelveth Post - Walnuts

When I bought my' new to me' home and property it came with a mature and nut bearing walnut tree. Sadly the post I wrote about walnuts was inadvertently deleted, by me. My bad! Rather that even trying to rewrite the post, I've replaced it with a picture post.

Here is my tree. Enjoy!

My reverend going after some walnuts.

Looking up through the leaves and branches to the sun.

Almost ready to drop

It is so much easier when they fall to the ground 
already out of the thick green husk.

Peeling off some of the husks

On guard

The walnuts fall all around the ivy (and everywhere else)

Oh dear!

One of the last roses of the season

At rest

Checking to see how many are left on the tree.

Now we're off to begin the shelling, roasting, storing and baking!


  1. I grow seedlings from pine cones and I planted my nuts from my oak tree. I think these are great things to do for the environment, gift giving, and teaching children at school. Kids can have a great relationship with their special tree.Walnuts are excellent as anti cancer remedies and so they recommend you eat one a day.