Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nineteenth Post - Wonder

Why are snow globes so entrancing? Why do we keep shaking them and watching them, shaking them and watching them, over and over and over? Why do music boxes capture our imagination? Why can we wind them up and listen to them, wind them up and listen to them, over and over and over? Why can we gaze upon twinkle lights on a tree, or at decorations, or the outside of a house lit up with a delicious display of all things Christmas, and have them remain fresh and new.

Wonder. It captures our hearts and magically lifts us out of THIS moment into another realm.

Do we lose our sense of wonder as we age? I don't want to. Will we lose our ability to wonder as we learn more about how things really work or are? As we make new discoveries about neuroscience and how our brain functions and how its function affects our thoughts, behaviours and feelings, will wonder cease? When will we know so much that we won't have to wonder? With Christmas upon us, it is the perfect time for joy, delight, amazement and wonder. My wish today is that my life will be filled with moments of wonder and that I will cherish them. I will let myself set aside hypotheses, science and fact to relish in the pure joy of not knowing why, but being amazed and delighted in the mystery. My prayer is that I will always have a sense of wonder about God…….that I will awash myself in His Mystery and Love. I will cloak myself with the wonder that because He is who He is, I am enough! What wonder!

What do you wonder about?

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  1. Beautifully written and well done post.
    It is so wonderful to wonder and be mystified by God's glory.:)
    God Bless you!!