Monday, December 20, 2010

Twenty First Post - Transition

Transitioning from the intense pace of work to the relaxed pace of holidaying is often a challenge and this year has been no different. My life as a school counsellor - at two Elementary schools, and one Middle school is rewarding but hovers at the cusp of doable/not doable. Work goes full tilt until the final bell before break brrrringsss, and then my momentum comes screeching to a halt. All or nothing! This year brought several added challenges and by the time I pulled out of the school parking lot, I was sooooo done!
Saturday was spent cocooning at home. No visitors, no visiting, no Christmas cheer; only tears of exhaustion. I'm glad to report that by Sunday, my emotions were getting back on track. I finished a book and moved into another one - part of the Holiday Reading Challenge. I got out to the mall EARLY and finished up my Christmas shopping. My husband is visiting family way up in the cold, cold north for a few more days and so the remainder of my solitary day was spent, reading and planning the menu for Christmas week.
The transition was a rocky one, but it is so tranquil and peaceful on the other side; to have balance restored.'s time to move from my comfy bed to my comfy couch and read some more.......I could get used to this!

How do you manage the transition from work to holidaying?

The transition can be like trying to go up the icy driveway.
It's slippery and you can lose your footing for a while,
 but eventually equilibrium is re established and all is well.!


  1. Yes working , especially in snowy weather has it's challenges and working in the school setting is not easy.
    I liked it much better in my times. It seemed easier somehow.

  2. I like to take a conservative approach to transition from work to holidays because I know, too quickly, I'll have to transition back. That one for me is harder!