Monday, February 7, 2011

Thirty Fourth Post – Listen

"Just listen!!!!"
"Why won't you listen to me?"
"Stop what you're doing and listen!"

One of my greatest yearnings is to be listened to. Perhaps if I speak louder, slower, or use more words, people will listen. Is this a universal need? We often refer to this as 'being heard'. "I hear you", we say. The sister to being listened to: being understood. Do you understand me? Do you understand what I'm saying? Let me say it another way, do you understand now? Do you agree? Do you hear me? Do you care about me? Hmm, maybe the real question is do you care about me? Do you care about me enough to listen to my words?

Mama, are you listening?

As a teacher part of my role was to talk….to be listened to… be understood. I had power in that role; I gave marks that measured the level of listening. Sadly, other relationships do not carry the same power imbalance. Or do they? If you don't listen, maybe you can't be my friend. 

As a counsellor/therapist I must listen to my clients. In training, we clocked air time; how much time did I listen, how much time did I spend talking. We practised active listening. I don't want my relationships to consist of active listening. I want my relationships to include love listening….as in, "I love to listen to you, you have good things to say".

Yesterday morning as I was listening to the 'preach' in church I heard a new phrase. "Seized by a great affection". I'd never heard the expression before and so I googled it. The best I could uncover is that it's from a phrase, "Seized by the power of a great affection" and was used long ago to describe the experience of being born again… in "I was seized by the power of a great affection". That phrase spoke to me. I listened as God gave me my own message. I have been seized by HIS power of great affection. I could listen to that again and again. He heard the yearning of my heart. He listened to my need and in that word reminded me of His power of great affection.Glory!

What is your heart saying?

Perry's Pond - one of my favorite places to listen AND be heard.

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  1. My heart is in a constant state of shock and awe.
    It seems every day, everything you believe in, is turned by society to mud.
    No wonder kids are angry.No wonder listening and understanding is a trial.
    Who do you listen to and how does this apply to todays life. You know the right way but it doesn't work anymore in practice and why should it when banks governments schools churches, families, all pull in different directions.
    You go no where like this. If you want to go somewhere and believe in something, everyone has to pull in the same direction.