Saturday, March 12, 2011

Forty Third Post - Revelation

One should never be too old to learn; especially something about oneself!



                            or is that AHA!

Today I discovered; make that was told - and not ever so gently, that I talk to myself. No big revelation,  who doesn't. The revelation was that............
I talk to myself in public!

 In the staffroom....
      In the hallways....
            In the office.....

                   ......and not only do I talk to myself,
                          I do it with 'a mad face'!!!!

             Say it isnt' so!

Oh the mocking!
Such are the revelations revealed when joining a vibrant, young, jovial staff for the Friday after school 'library' meeting! 

There is no great remedy for this alleged behaviour.
Just another 'layer of my onion' peeled away for all to see.

Laughter; the best medicine of all.


  1. Today with cell phones and wires I see this a lot and it always baffles me cause the person looks funny just standing talking to what looks like himself lol

    I wouldn't worry about it because sometimes it pays to talk things through with yourself before discussing it with others lol
    It lets out steam and you feel exhausted and a lot better than had you blasted someone and then later regretted

  2. Thanks for the laugh. Very funny. I'm visiting from the Lady Blogger's Tea party. Have a great weekend.

  3. Very funny!!!
    Visiting from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party

  4. I love the comics!

    Here's another curiosity... it's fairly normal to talk to oneself (especially while angry), right? Why then is it so strange to answer back? I mean, it just seems like the polite thing to do... doesn't it? No? Oh, ok, nevermind...

    Stopping in from LBS.

  5. Stopping by from the Lady Blogger Tea Party - Talking alone, that speaks to me. At home and in public. I felt bad for long but I am used to it by now. People think I am crazy, and so?

  6. i'm here from the tea party.
    i think you should talk even louder and make odd faces while you do it. it'll keep the folks off balance!

  7. Hey Lady - I agree. Better to talk to myself than take something out on someone else.
    WELCOME to the lovely ladies from the Lady Blogger Tea Party. I'm looking forward to visiting you for 'tea' at your places.
    Sherilin...great idea. I'll try the odd faces once I get back to work.

  8. I like that last one - a dummy mobile phone - that would solve a lot of my problems in public (ho). I'm learning, tho, to QUIT criticizing myself, you know like "Oh you dummy, why'd you do that?" or "Ugh, you are such an idiot" - those are far worse than other people looking at you like you're nuts - this was a great post! Visiting from LB Tea Party and glad I did!

  9. Oh yeah, and forgot to say I LOVE your tulips - my fave flower!! Beautiful!

  10. I say that it isn't so! I talk to myself too. I also walk down the street grinning from ear to ear and get strange looks too, but I don't care.

    My mom talks to herself with the angry look and it's hilarious. I tease her about it all the time.

    I'm certain that whomever told you this wonderful news was so exaggerating!

    Enjoy your day!