Friday, March 11, 2011

Forty Second Post - Craving

Today's post is part of  JamWithMeThursdays over at Faith Barista.

Pick one: Share your craving and journey for rest in creativity, community or adventure (Instructions from Bonnie)

You've pushed my button, yanked my chain, rang my bell.
CREATIVITY, connected with rest, now you're talking!

As an introvert, I often crave solitude in order to recharge. In my alone place - my God room,  creative juices start pumping. In my younger years I would piece together ideas for musical productions, lesson plans, song lists. I would dream about my book; the one that still isn't written, not even started.  These days my creative cravings press into the life score I am composing with my reverend particularly as we approach potential  career changes. 

Rest births creativity,
        Creativity miraculously morphs to joy, 
                 Joy brings its partners laughter and delight,
                          Delight  restores energy!

As I leave my place of rest; the work begins…..the nuts and bolts of breathing life into the seed of creativity
When weariness, whether physical, emotional or spiritual returns, the cycle begins again. It's a good cycle, it's a great life!

What gets your juices flowing?

***as I'm prepared to post this, I am watching the destruction of the 8.9 earthquake that struck Japan early this morning. The death toll is mounting. In this moment a tsunami is beginning to hit Hawaii. I live on the coast of BC. There is also a tsunami warning here
....My prayers are for all those impacted  by the earthquake. Pray with me, please!


  1. I am also very unhappy and shocked by the events taking place in Japan and one other thing they are very worried about is their nuclear power plant. Something like this could split it in two and so we are really not doing ourselves a favor by building such plants for energy. BC has other options like ocean and river currents and we have lots of wind. Why not use those?
    The world certainly has a lot of devastation taking place and yes all we can do is pray for these people and hope for the best.

  2. I do like to have times of restful contemplation in order to recharge. Reading is nice. Sometimes I tend to get restless if I rest too long though. I want to listen to music, watch a movie, or do something that inspires my creativity.

    A communal shared experience can be nice as well. Something like a good concert perhaps.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Your progression from rest to energy seems to be the antithesis of the sin cycle in James.

    I love the way your brain works!

  4. Love how creative this post is! And I so agree, life itself is creative work. You are writing a book on the pages of your life. So happy your voice is in the jam! Thank you!