Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sixty Third Post - R

Roses and my Reverend

I have the good fortune to be married to a very kind and loving man. He also happens to be an ordained minister. He is my reverend! My reverend brings me roses. Many and often!

In my garden, I have a room we call Perry's Pond. Perry's Pond is  surrounded by a variety of rose bushes. When I bought my home and yard, the rose bushes had been upkept for quite some time. Several had seemingly, to me anyhow, died. But much to my delight and amazement, they were simply resting. Who knew that roses could lie dormant for years?

During the spring of 2010, I couldn't get away from work long enough to tend to my roses. My reverend had a bit more flexibility so made many trips back to our property and on each visit, he faithfully took and posted pictures to keep me abreast of how my roses were fairing.

It is with pride and love I present to you,
(with kudos to my reverend).....
Perry's Pond 2010.
Feel free to stop and smell the roses!

Perry's Pond

Early in the 2010 season.
Rose are beginning to bloom.

Red Rose

One my favorites. Such joy and delight when after
 two seasons this beautiful rose bloomed.
 Such a miracle. It has continued to bloom yearly since 2006.
Dare I say, it's my favorite?

Such beauty.

My yellow tea rose. She grows and blooms throughout the season.
She lives at the entrance to Perry's Pond
and sends an aromatic welcome for all who enter.

Perry's Pond is still a work in progress.
It has already captured my heart and imagination.
I am a blessed!

Happy R Day!


  1. Absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us. Your hubby sounds like an amazing and wonderful man.

    Blessings to you :)

  2. Beautiful piccies - I love roses, but not all the little critters that plague them (greenfly, blackfly, aphids...!) - which reminds me I need to get out and use the soap-spray on the new buds!


  3. Lovely photos. I've tried growing flowers in our back yard but they always die. I think the soil is toxic city soil. There are a few weird plants that grow heartily. Pequin peppers grow profusely.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Hi there,
    Did you know that your favourite rose is called Better Times? Quite appropriate :-)
    Tnx for popping by my blog and congrats for such clever A-Z posts!

  5. Hi Alison! I did NOT know my rose is called Better Times. How cool is that!!!!! This info made my day..I shall head to work with a smile on my face. Thanks for taking the time to comment!