Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fifty Ninth Post - N

Never say never!

Ten things I said I'd NEVER do:

1. Get married.
2. Get married again.
3. Speak to my mother again!
4. Wear the bright orange and yellow reflective vest with the velcro closers that ruin your clothes, while I'm on duty at recess!
5. Eat cantaloupe.
6. Say sorry.
7. Get married a third time.
8. Lend my children money again.
9. Give my children money again.
10. Have 'work' done on my face (actually I haven't done that, but I'm not saying never anymore).

How about you? What have you vowed you'd NEVER, NO WAY, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS ever do? ....and have had to eat your words.

Happy N Day!
Happy Weekend!


  1. I told myself I would never be a parent like my parents were and would be my childrens friend. That changed as soon as they were born and I realized they don't need friends as much as they need parents and someone who said

    Everything else I was always too easy lol

  2. I've said a few of those before, and I've eaten my words. Happy N Day

  3. I couldn't help but laugh at eat cantaloupe. For me, it's eat rhubarb, yuck.
    Great post for N!