Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fiftieth Post - E

E stands for ER or Emotional Rest. Clinically  it can be measured, albeit subjectively, by a sense of well being or congruence; heart, soul, body and mind all in balance.

Emotional rest equals peace.

 In a practical sense I measure my ER by my level of weariness. Am I sleeping? Am I eating well? Am I drinking enough water? Am I exercising? Am I playing? Am I engaging in fun? When I stray too far from my center point; that sweet spot of congruence, my alignment shifts and all is NOT well with my soul.

 The song 'It is Well With my Soul'  written in 1873 by Horatio Spafford has always spoken to me, more so met me in my place of emotional rest. Click here to listen to a simplistically beautiful version of the song and read anew the circumstances that gave life to these anointed words.

Life can be chaotic, trials will come. But
 we have this blessed assurance that
 we are not the chaos,
 we are not the trial.
 We are loved and our souls can be at rest.

Surrender and ~REST~ 

(This is abridged from a former post. Click here to read the entire post)


  1. life can be chaotic, trials will come.. no truer words can be spoken!

  2. I could use a little ER right now! Great post!

  3. Hi Carol .. gosh can't life be chaotic and full of tribulations - so your poem from 1873 is just what I need .. thanks .. emotional rest - yes please and just the rest! Cheers .. Hilary

  4. Thanks for the link to the Youtube clip - I must have sung that many, many times, but never knew the story behind it. Amazing test of faith!

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

  5. I think I need some Emotional Rest today.

  6. Just stopped by from the A-Z Challenge!

  7. What a lovely blog and such a nice post. It goes well with mine today, called, Eat, Sleep, Chill. Stopped by on my a-z challenge adventure and so glad I found you.

  8. I love that old hymn...the story behind it is also touching. Beautiful blog header too.

    I"m visiting from the A-Z challenge today.

  9. I need to look more carefully into this. Sounds useful, healthy, creative.


  10. What lovely sentiment. Thanks so much for the post - I made me stop and think about how important that is.