Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fifty Fifth Post - JELLO

Who can resist the taste, texture and delight that comes with a heaping bowl of JELLO! It is perhaps the ultimate comfort food. It is relatively simple and inexpensive to make. 

Enjoy this  Jello Pudding commercial with Bill Cosby. You sang along, didn't you?

J E L L O - one of the first words my kids learned to spell.

             My favorite Jello colour is green.
             What's yours?

                            Click  HERE to find some wonderful Jello recipes.

Happy J Day!


  1. Apricot was always my fave. That, or the sparkling white grape. It had ginger ale in it, if I remember correctly.

  2. We call it 'Jelly', over here in the UK.

    My favourite flavour is lemon.

    Here we tend to buy it as a block that needs to be dissolved in boiling water before pouring into moulds or dishes and leaving to set.

    When my kids were small, they used to keep asking me to make 'magic' jelly. I'd use just a little boiling water and then stir in ice cubes. The stirring made the jelly bubbly, so it couldn't really go into a mould so I'd just spoon it into dishes.

    Why call it 'magic'? Well, because of the low temperature of the ice cubes as they melted, the jelly would 'set' virtually in front of their eyes!


  3. Yay - I love Jello (Jelly here in UK) my fave is orange
    Happy J day

  4. I'm generally the obnoxious person who suggests wrestling in it. I prefer berry jello--any berry, but that blue raspberry is probably best... and I am a jello purist--no chunks of fruit in it please! (though whipped cream on top is appreciated)

  5. I love green too. I love it with whip cream. Real whip cream.