Monday, April 4, 2011

Forty Eighth Post - C

Carol, Connie, Cheryl, Calida, Crystal, Christie, Courtney, Cienna, Cambria.

What do they have in common?
Yes, very clever! They are all girls' names AND they all begin with the letter C.

The tradition was seeded unknowingly by my Omie our maternal Grandmother, who's middle name was Carolyn. My mother, Irmgard, who was not going to pass on her name to me, named me Carol Lynn after my Omie. (Omie's first name was Gerda, and I am ever grateful that I was named after her middle name.) Next came cousin Connie(Constance), followed by our little cousin Cheryl, spelled of course, with a C.

And thus were the beginnings of a new and sacred tradition.

My mother, Irmgard, who has been known to be someone on the quirky side, declared/decreed, hmm, dictated that for then, thus, and always the girls in the family will have names that begin with the letter C.

Sadly Connie gave her daughter a D name.
Cheryl has a B and Z.
The disappointment, the tradition was being derailed.

BUT…..Irmgard's children rallied.

I have a C daughter. My brothers have C daughters. And delightfully, my son and niece have honoured Irmgard's wishes and each have a C girl! My youngest brother was going to break tradition but dodged a bullet by only having a son. THAT was a close one!

The tradition continues!
Along with a proposal of marriage, a second question is attached.

Will you marry me? AND
Will you give our daughters names that start with C?

Ahhh, the delight, the relief,  when the potential newbie to the family agrees!

My second son; the one making me a MOTG in October is a tiny bit conflicted. He's picked a beautiful bride, a lovely daughter in law to be, but GASP!!!!! she is wavering on the C name. Apparently she has one in mind, so they best only have one girl.

BTW, our middle names are mostly Lynn…I wonder if I could make the middle name my legacy? Perhaps I won't push my luck. After all, I'm not quite Irmgard….yet.

 Happy C day!


  1. Hi, I have a Carol, and she is a delight, I also have a Teresa, and she is a delight as well. They both make me happy (most of the time). They both have children and grandchidren. Thanks for visiting me. Ruby

  2. Wow, I know about naming traditions. I will be posting about it when we get to the letter E.

    Mine is a sad tale of beers and bars. :-)

  3. Your Mom began a trendy tradition.
    Can you imagine a letter C in all the girls names?
    lol It links the family.
    How cool is that . But to be on the safe side just in case your daughter doesn;t like a C name, maybe adding another name to it would help a lot. Then she can decide which she likes the best.
    MOTG is not as easy as it seems lol