Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fifty Third Post - H

One week of  the A - Z blogging challenge has passed and its time to officially greet and send a big HELLO to all my new cyber friends. It's been a pleasure to visit so many interesting blogs. This world is filled with creative, imaginative, and informative humans! The quality of most blog posts is outstanding. It has been humbling to share along with others, insights into the adventures, interests, findings,  and musings of friends on this journey. I've read many stories of resiliency and hope.

Hope was my initial choice for the letter H. Did you know that according to some 'research' (I'm not going to cite the research here), instillation of hope accounts for 15% of the positive outcome of psychotherapy. In case you're interested; extra therapeutic factors account for 40%, relationship 30% and skills make up the last 15%. So, just making an appointment for a counselling session can bring some relief. Cool eh? More details are found the the book  Escape From Babel by Scott D. Miller, Barry L Duncan, and Mark A. Hubble. Often we lose sight of hope. We forget that 'things/life' can get better.  Often we need someone to remind us that 'better IS possible'!

My goal today is to greet you all with a big Hello! To thank you for your kind comments. To let you know I appreciate the many blog posts I've visited. My hope is that week two will find the multitude of us doing this challenge well and at peace.

Happy H Day!


  1. 'Hello' back at you! :-)

    There is always hope - yesterday's failures will become tomorrow's 'experience'!

    And a day is only ever 24 hours long. When you look back on what you managed to 'survive' it helps to to tackle the next hurdle heading your way!

    Thanks for this post!


  2. Thank you, lovely post and lovely summary of what has been a strange yet inspiring challenge and journey so far.

    I completely agree - it's amazing to find so many wonderful blogs, so much beautiful writing, and so much obvious Hope out there in the world.

    Keep writing, I'll keep watching,

    Hannah Roderick: People Watch

  3. Hi, your post reminds me of the Christian definition of faith = the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Hope is what helps us hold on when common sense tells us to just forget about it. Thank God for hope! Great post! Thank you for your visit to me. Ruby

  4. Thank you for this beautiful H post. I'm not sure if you visited my H for Haiti, but thanks for visiting I for Ibiza which posted prematurely (that was for Monday!)


    L'Aussie Travel A-Z Challenge. H is for Haiti, I is for Ibiza

  5. Nice post. Hope it a powerful force.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  6. Hi back and yes ! I am all for hope!!

  7. Hello back from your newest follower - lovely yo meet you and I look forward to keeping up with your blog

  8. Yay - welcome follower 100!!! :) (I can't believe it - you just made my weekend...)

  9. Hi Carol .. Hello - is great, but Hope is an essential isn't it - you're so right everything is life is possible .. there's always hope.

    But H for Hello to you .. and thanks for your wonderful comment over at my blog - really appreciate it!!

    Mothers they are so important at all stages of our lives .. I usually do a little postscript to the Postman about my Mum everytime I blog - adds another dimension to my already eclectic posts: pre and post A - Z .. so pleased I reminded you of your M I L and happy times with her.

    Cheers .. Hilary

  10. It is so exciting to meet new people. I'm not going down a list but getting surprised! I definitely HOPE to get back to everyone after this flurry of meeting new folks is over.

    Hello, fellow A-Z Challenger! Here's my latest entry. Come visit either of my blogs when you can and leave some comment love:

    I is for Impel in the A-Z Blogging Challenge (A-Z)
    Twitter: @SolarChief