Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seventy Eighth Post - Wednesdayhodgepodge

Welcome to  this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge. It's hosted by Joyce at From This Side of Pond. Head her way and take a peek. Even better yet, link up your own answers and join the fun!

And now, here are the questions along with my responses for this week's Hodgepodge...

1. What reveals more about a woman-her refrigerator or her purse?
Definitely her purse.

2. When was the last time you went to the zoo? Where? What's your favorite zoo animal?
Vancouver closed the zoo area of  its park slowly over several years. Thankfully Stanley Park is still open and is marvelous, many people say spectacular. My last visit to the former zoo was in December 2010 on Christmas Eve Day. The aquarium is still open and doing well. We were thrilled to see the Beluga whales. What a treat! I don't have a favorite zoo animal.

One of the Belugas at the Vancouver Aquarium

3. What social issue fires you up?
I think the list would be shorter if I wrote about which ones don't fire me up. These days I get pretty heated up about poverty and its impact on children.

4. Are you a coupon clipper? If so, are you extreme?
Neither. Not even a bit interested!

5. What is one of your favorite souvenirs brought back from your travels?
Hands down, no contest, my Prada shoes that my reverend bought me in Italy. I know they're not really a souvenir, but they will be once they don't fit anymore or heaven forbid they go out of style. Then they'll go on display in my living room!

6. Lemon meringue or key lime?

7. What is the most beautiful word you know in any language?
Tough question. It's not beautiful but I really love the word verklemmt. I love how it sounds! It's seems that I am 'choked with emotion' when I see beauty, feel sadness, hear music, taste goodness or smell the sweetness of spring.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I am constantly teased about my random thoughts and comments, yet when given a forum I can't think of anything to say. Such is the way my mind works! or doesn't.

Enjoy the HP,


  1. That is a great word and something I feel often!

  2. It's really fun to hear the answers to these questions.

  3. Nice word choice! I know what you mean about the mind working...or not. LOL

  4. Prada...sigh...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!

  5. I LOVE verklemmt!!! I've often tried to "use it in a sentence" but didn't know exactly how it was spelled / pronounced. Boy - watch out now world - I'm going to be verklemmt a whole lot - at least for the next couple of days!!

  6. I like your word. But do you know what it really means, or is used for? It may be literally translated " choked with emotion", but Germans use it for "uptight or inhibited". I think at times I am verklemmt (meaning really old fashioned in some things).
    Are you from Vancouver? Because I am too (or at least used to be). I LOVE LOVE Stanley Park. I love walking around the Seawall and the Beluga whales too. Many special memories are held from that Park/Zoo.

  7. Thanks for the expanded definition Betty. The word fits me even better now! Yes, I'm from Vancouver - born and raised. The sun is shining today and it is beautiful!
    Thanks for stopping by Donna. I work with a staff of verklemmpt (and hormonal) woman. Oh the poor dear male staff members.
    OH, Auburnchick - I feel the same way! At least I've stopped with the drooling.
    @EmptyNester - I'd like to blame the mind thing on menopause, but it could be my former blonde roots.
    Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    Joyce - I'm having so much fun with your HP. What a wonderful Wednesday pick me up!

  8. I love the beluga whale photo. I would love to see them! I just started singing the Raffi song, "Baby Beluga." Do you know it?

  9. I love beluga whales.
    They are my most favorite of all whales. We found some in the St Lawrence River and they disected them and found that these whales had enough poison from the sea to kill 20 men. Can you imagine?
    Poor things.

  10. I love this photo of the Beluga whale. How precious! Love his smile. :)

    It's always so interesting reading everyone's answers to these questions, the Hodgepodge is a great idea.