Monday, May 23, 2011

Seventy Ninth Post - Middle

It was a short but sweet visit with my middle child this holiday weekend. This one - the middle, is in his mid twenties and  is known as 'the good child'. NB: Good does not mean perfect! I have three children: boy, boy and girl/princess. Many have heard stories of the eldest and the youngest but seldom about the middle. Oops, my bad!

The middle, sometimes known as  LRRO, truly is the good (read - easiest to raise) child. He's the child who often said, "don't buy that for me mom, save your money for yourself" and meant it. He is a fierce defender of his brother and sister and extremely just by nature.

The reverend and I picked up LRRO and his fiance from the airport last Saturday. They had been back east visiting fiance's family. I do believe they snuck in a trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto as well; two of the many places that dear old mom has never seen but wants to. We spent the night at the middle's place - he on the floor and us two oldies taking over his bed. Early Sunday morning good child drove to Starbucks and got us coffee and chai tea - see what I mean by good child!

Later that same morning as I was planning on writing a post for my blog <insert eye roll from aforementioned good child>, I wondered out loud what I could write about. Good child says, "write about me, you write about big brother and little sister, but never about me". Oops, have I neglected him again. I blame it on his middle child placement.

Funny story: for many years, I went to the same hair stylist (she was fabulous). My hair was rather long and I preferred golden blond highlights in those days which resulted in lengthy appointments. We chatted, we gossiped - it was the hair dresser!, we laughed. I learned about her life, she heard about mine. It was about year five that I said something about the middle child. Ms. hairstylist paused, peered her head around to face me and said, "you have THREE children? Wow, I didn't know that!"

Oops, I'd  done it again! I neglected to tell stories about LRRO. Well no more! I have a blog and what BETTER place is there to spread the word about this wonderful young man.

My middle is a good man, a fair and just man. He's a man of faith, conviction and loyalty. He was by far the easiest and least demanding of my three children, and to some extent he still is. As is often the case, the squeaky wheels got more attention than he did, but he seems no worse for wear. LRRO will make a solid husband because he is a solid human being. He is wickedly funny and he's generous to a fault. This is the child who bought a new car and kept it until it was paid off and now is enjoying really 'owning' a car! This is the child who has a budget and can stick to it. This is the child who bought season tickets to our new Vancouver MLS soccer team and gives them to his mother as gifts! Can you hear my pride? I hope so.

If there is any truth in birth order theory, this boy of mine will continue to be a peace maker. That bodes well in any marriage. If I have a worry about him, it's that he will yield to the needs of others first to the point that he will neglect what is truly best for him. I love all my children fiercely. I am proud of each one of them. With LRRO's wedding approaching on October 1st, I suspect he will be more and more my topic of conversation. I hope to spend much of my summer vacation  with him in his town, helping his fiance with their wedding plans. I can hardly wait!

Do you have a middle child?


  1. No middle child. Just two girls here. Plus I´m the oldest so I can´t really relate. But he sounds like a person I would like.

  2. I have two boys . One still needs to be taught and the other never needed to be taught lol He was self taught lol
    He was the easiest to raise.

  3. Aww that's so nice. I just have one child. She's a pip but she's a really good kid. :-)

  4. Well said mom... and from LRRO's other mom, I can say I am so proud of who he is as well. And in so many ways like my middle...Easy to overlook, but not easy to forget, and always, always loved.