Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eighty Fifth Post - Delight2

Random things that recently brought delight to my life:
(back by popular demand!)
  • Courage that seems to come out of nowhere
  • Potted plants on my deck

  • My first ever tomato plant - woohoo!

  • Celebrating my middle child's engagement: A fun family get together!
  • Enjoying the interaction between my children and their Grandma Irmgard.  Bonus: Joy!
  • Savouring the look of pride on my reverend's face as he received Father's day greetings from his children and step children
  • A Sunday afternoon walk 

  • Finishing a good book and having time to grab a new one from my TBR stack. 
  • A Sunday afternoon nap
  • My city, Vancouver coming together with goodness after the senseless riot and mayhem that followed the Stanley Cup Final.
  • Knowing there is only one more full week of school before summer vacation.
What brought you delight this week?


  1. The thing which has brought me delight was the opportunity to make a major attitude adjustment. It has been a long time coming. That, in turn, prompted me to review things which I have accomplished, and look to those which I want to do. We're looking up.

    BTW, what is CLPCS? It looks different from PPCLI.

  2. Lovely to read about your week, so many things and simple ones that change a day into a great time!
    As for me, it was finding the flowers for the wedding, buying the rings, spending time with my friends and their little boy that is so cute, enjoying the fresh rainy day.

    Hsve a great week. All the best!

  3. I was really saddened when I read about those riots. Glad everyone came together though, to clean everything up. It´s too bad some people spoil it for the rest.
    Congrats on the engagement of your daughter!! How exciting!

  4. I was shocked to hear about the riots in Vancouver. It was so unlike my impression of Canada and more like what I would expect in my city of Los Angeles.

    I am delighted about the beautiful moderate weather we've been having here.

    Tossing It Out

  5. There is something amazing about harvesting your first tomato off your first tomato plant that will be something to look forward to.

    Media Mayhem Blog Hop

  6. Wonderful list! I'm grateful for the constant love and support of family and friends.

  7. Flowers in pots always bring me joy. resting outside in the shade looking at my lovely garden and watching the bees busy at their work. Your blog post.