Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eighty Sixth Post - Tribute

This week one of my dear friends lost her father. Mr. Tutchek was 92 years old at his passing. His funeral was on Friday and it was a celebration of a quiet man who had great impact. His legacy lives on in his three children, their spouses, nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Mrs. T. his wife of 59 years is left to mourn his passing. It was clear that Mr. T was a man well loved. He was not loud, not particularly outgoing, but dependable and faithful. 

Mr. Tutchek had a profound impact on my life that he wouldn't have realized he had. Mr. T. was my encourager. Janet (his middle daughter and my dear friend) and I are musicians. We started our musical careers young. It must have been in our early teens that we began performing with substance. She on violin and me on piano. Mr. T had a good ear for music and I can't think of a time that I performed that he didn't make a point of finding me and blessing me with praise. That meant; still means, a lot. 

It was an honour and privilege to accompany Janet at Mr. T's funeral. Thirty minutes of playing through some wonderful old hymns in the midst of dear old friends and relatives from Bethany (the church we grew up in). Many of Mr. T's family spoke at his service and the common theme was his faithfulness. What struck me most was Janet's comment about never having heard her father say an unkind word about anyone. How rare is that? But not a surprise to hear.

In 92 years Mr. T lead a full life. His oldest daughter Karen spoke of his time during the war; sadly he was a POW for a number of years, escaped and was recaptured. Eventually he made his way to Canada. I hope the family will find time to print at least a portion of his memoirs. What a testament to God's sustaining grace. 

With Mr. T's passing comes a reminder that we are getting older. Our parents are aging and approaching the ends of their lives, indeed some have already died. We're having to face that day of sorrow and sadness (for us) as they enter eternity.

Mr. T:  I thank you for your impact on my life. Thank you for modelling encouragement. Thank you for always taking time to talk to me; to ask me how I was, what I was doing and ALWAYS looking so happy when I was doing well. Your life and example touched many lives. May your faithfulness continue to live on in the lives of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. To God be the glory!

This old song Find Us Faithful best sums up the legacy of a long and faithful life. 

What legacy are you leaving behind?


  1. Hi Carol .. what a beautiful post and tribute to Mr T .. and I'm glad you were at his funeral, supporting his family, while providing some uplifting music ..

    My legacy .. will just be my footprints on the sands of time ..

    With thoughts to you and your friends at this time .. Mr T will be at peace .. Hilarysuberat

  2. I've got chills. What a lovely tribute to this lovely man. I think I just hope that my legacy will be to have been kind along the way.

  3. A very nice tribute for Mr Tutchek
    Yes old people have many stories to tell and many memories.
    Once they are gone, the stories and memories are lost to us forever.
    Today I wish I had asked my grand father many things but in those days one never even knew what questions to ask and they didn't really want to remember.It was too painful.
    Our prayers are with the family of Mr Tutchek. May he rest in peace at the hand of God.

  4. Lovely tribute to MrT. who, by reading your words, was a kind man, always available for others and sharing is joy of being alive.
    My thoughts go to his family and to you. Some great people have walked on Earth and it is such a blessing for you to have met one of them.
    It reminds me of my granddad who passed away too early.

    May God be always on your road and may our footprints leave marks of His Love.

  5. This is such a beautiful tribute, it touched my heart even though I didn't know Mr. T. Wonderful post, and I'm sorry for your loss.