Sunday, June 5, 2011

Eighty Second Post - Delight

All About Delight!
(in no particular order)

  •  The fragrance of lilac; a reminder that spring is here.
One of my Lilac bushes. So delightfully fragrant.

  • Phlox blooming in my prayer garden
Such a beautiful colour!

  • Birds bathing in Perry's Pond  hopefully I can get a picture of the bathing birds this year
  • Hearing 'I love you, Grandma!' I never get weary of hearing this
  • My wedding diamond it's a dazzling reminder of enduring love!
  • My reverend **sigh**
  • Having breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee with any of my children nothing like food and conversation with the kids!
  • Having breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee with any of my step children this bunch came to me late in life, but have added unmeasurable joy!
  • Super sunny Sunday mornings you know what I mean!
  • Blank time that I can fill any which way I want to <insert a big AWWWW>
What has brought you recent delight?


  1. Remembering the first time someone told me Jesus loves me.

  2. Cool blog!

    ♥book blogger

  3. A good book that I read in one weekend. Very rare, but such a delight.

  4. Recent delights:
    1. Having our grandchildren for a sleepover.
    2. Reading your blog.
    3. Starting to make real progress in coming back from a personal disaster.
    There are probably others, but that's a start.

  5. Geoff - I think that would be the greatest delight of all!
    Book Blogger - welcome and thanks for the comment. I'm looking forward to trying out your latest recipe.
    Betty - I know what you mean. It feels so good when it happens.
    Rob - Great start! Thanks for your compliment on #2.
    I've enjoyed writing this list. I must be mindful to do this more often

  6. Going back to Tennessee in Springtime for the first time in 20 years was absolutely delightful. I've almost always gone back in the winter since I moved away.

    Tossing It Out

  7. Love this delight list of things. Flowers are definitely one of my delight too!
    As for me, it would be:
    - enjoying the kids (not my own - my friend's ones)
    - the rain was refresh the air
    - a day at the sea.

    Take care.

  8. What a lovely post. A few of my recent delights:

    ~ Walking my dog very early in the morning before the summer heat takes over the day

    ~ Fresh picked strawberries and homemade strawberry shortcake

    ~ Discovering a new author and finding a whole new set of great books to read

    Great idea for a post! :)

  9. Hi, One of my delights is waking up and remembering mornings with my husband when he was at home with me, and some of the chuckles that we enjoyed. As you may know he passed away nearly a year ago.
    I have left a couple of awards for you at my blog today. Do what you will with them. I am enjoying your posts.

  10. Those pictures of your garden are lovely, it must be a beautiful scent of lilac that you get from the bushes.

    A really nice blog, I hope you get the chance to stop by my blog, click on profile!

  11. Arlee - Glad you got back to Tennessee. It's a place I'd like to visit.
    Marie - Yes, yes, the rain refreshing the air and the sea...such delight.
    Julie - Your delights, could easily be on my delight list. Thanks for the comment.
    Grammy - Precious memories do bring delight. I'm glad you have many. (Thanks for the awards - I still need to pick them up)
    Inspirational Quotes - I visited your blog and love your quotes. Thanks for stopping by.