Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ninetieth Post - Alone

Alone but not lonely!

One of my favorite roses - after the rain.

My reverend is busy working at home and I've ventured on my own to our place in the Okanagan. There is always more than enough yard work to do and our sporadic weekend trips during the year are hardly adequate. The drive from the coast takes just under four hours and the scenery along the way is magnificent. Driving, rather than being the passenger is a bit of an adjustment, but taking the convertible makes the ride quite enjoyable. Last week my mom and I made the trip together. We visited my son (the middle) and had quite a pleasant five days. Mom and I typically last about five minutes before fighting, but this time we made it all the way from Monday to Friday before our meltdown. Sheesh - you'd think this mother/daughter thing would get easier.  I hope it's because we're so different that we fight - I mean disagree. It beats the alternative of me being my mother. 

Breakfast; bacon, eggs and toast, in the shade under the walnut tree.

We had some fun and delicious meals, did some awesome weed pulling, and even fit in a soccer game. My  middle plays in a men's league and hands down is the best on the team. I got to spend some time with my daughter in law to be and was thrilled that the middle's fiance gets on so well with Grandma (GG, Irmgard - take your pick). Throw in a trip to McDonald's with my daughter in law and grandkids and it made for a happy mini holiday.

This trip I'm on my own. There are many friends to visit but that can wait until tomorrow. Tonight is me, my wine, a book, and the TV in the background. It's rained almost all day and the smell of fresh rain is intoxicating. (or maybe that's the wine). 

As usual I have a list that far outreaches the time I'll be here. But my dear reverend reminds me I'm here to recharge; to reconnect with peace; to slow down the pace. I love that whatever gets done pleases him and whatever is left will be done by him. 

These are the times I rehearse the good in life. These are the times I dream BIG. These are the times I write speeches in my mind, books in my head, and brilliantly develop the ultimate plan for: WORLD PEACE! 

It usually takes a week or two to morph into summer vacation mode. But once I do, it is bliss. 

Are you on holidays? At what point do you relax and enjoy?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip you've had, on which you've accomplished some important things.
    Being retired, I suppose we're on permanent holidays. We live in an apartment, don't have a cottage, and don't travel well. So we mostly just hang around. This is our first summer in our new mode, so it is a "learning experience."

  2. Rob - is permanent holidaying as grand as it sounds? We're in an apartment most of the year, so this breaking away is wonderful. Keep us posted as to how your 'new mode' of summer turns out. At my age I like to learn from others. Happy summer.

  3. I don´t think I would last that long with my mom. But good for you! Your alone vacation sounds good. I would love to do that someday.

  4. Fair question. Not at all certain. If I had your e-mail, I could tell you more. (My e-mail is with my profile.)

  5. Well at least you have a Mom to argue with. She sounds enlightening.
    I missed the last few years with my Mom because she had no brain and became my little baby.
    So count your blessings girl that you can still enjoy her. Once she is gone you will miss her:)

  6. Betty, your solitary vacation sounds absolutely wonderful -- a good book, some wine and rain and solitary splendor. I think even in a good, close marriage, time alone can be lovely. My husband and I retired 15 months ago, so this is our second retired summer and it's great! I worked for 42 years, multiple jobs for the last 20, and I know when I would have a vacation then, it would take me about three days to relax and then I'd start dreading going back to work about two days before the end of the vacation. Bob and I were saying today that we honestly haven't had a single day in the past 15 months when we wished we were back at work!

  7. It sounds as though you're having a lovely break .. remembering the family and friends - keeping your mother happy (always a good thing!) .. and just enjoying a relaxed time. The drive sounds glorious .. enjoy the time .. cheers Hilary

  8. I relax pretty quickly on vaca but my hubs needs til about Wednesday to 'calm down' : )

  9. This sounds like a wonderful break, and I love the rose picture. How lovely!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!