Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ninety Second Post - Lazy?

'THEY' say that if you want to get a job done, ask a busy person to do it. I am so unbusy these days, I'm not getting much of anything done. I suppose this is why these are referred to as the 'Lazy Days of Summer'. 

You'd think this would be the time to write unending blogs full of wisdom and interest, perhaps with a touch of whimsy. Nope; not happening. My creative juices seem to be on vacation with the rest of me. 

My reverend would like his overalls patched. 
I say, "throw them out and buy a new pair".
He says, "they are old, but so am I, couldn't you just fix them?" 
I wonder if they still make those iron on patch things. That's about all the repair work I'm up for. 

There is no cause for panic, motivation should return right around the time school starts again in September.

Last weekend my rev and I travelled to Powell River, BC where my dear Rev. JLP officiated at his niece's wedding. All in all it was a four ferry trip. I leave you today with a few scenic pictures from our weekend get away. You'll see why we call this place, 
Beautiful BC! 

One of the BC Ferries near Horseshoe Bay

On the route from Horseshoe Bay to Gibson's

Our reading place  

A Powell River beach  - shoreline of the Pacific Ocean.

Looking down  from the ferry on our way to Comox.

Powell River to Comox

Comox is just around the bend.

One of several lighthouses we saw

Lighthouse on the way from Duke point (Nanaimo)
 to Tsawwassen, BC

A final view from the ferry just before
 we docked in Tsawwassen

Happy Wednesday, 
I hope you're getting more done than I am.


  1. Ah, the glorious BC coastline. Yes!
    Don't worry about being unbusy. The autumn rush will come soon enough.

  2. Loved the pictures of B.C.! I have wonderful memories of a trip to B.C. on an article assignment in 1970. It was to write about an Outward Bound style detention camp for young first time offenders in an area that looked much like your pictures. I think it was off Lake Alouette. But the beauty of the forests and lake, the fresh air, the lovely hospitality have stayed with me. Returning to beautiful British Columbia is on my To-Do-For-Sure list! Thanks so much for sharing your great weekend! And enjoy your leisure!!

  3. Hi Carol .. what lovely pictures .. and I'm sure you had a lovely time at the wedding - so fantastic that your hubby was able to officiate at his niece's wedding .. enjoy the time together .. cheers Hilary

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  5. Boy that's beautiful! And lazy is a beautiful thing, don't give it up too soon...

  6. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    I am still unable to find the icon that enables me to follow your blog. May be it is my computer that is acting up as I cannot see who my followers are either.
    Temp here was not too bad so I took advantage and cleaned up. I know it is going to be hot again from tomorrow.
    I will have nice blogs like yours to read in case it gets too hot to go anywhere.

  7. My creativity comes and goes, much to my disappointment at times. Kick back and enjoy these lazy days while you have them. read, garden, whatever you enjoy.

    Take more photos! These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Rob - yes I've been enjoying the unbusyness - which has now ended with the arrival of about three weeks worth of grandchildren visits. Let the good times roll!
    Dr. Kathy - I know the places you mention well. I do believe BC is a stunningly beautiful place to live and not just here at the coast.
    Thanks for the good wishes Hilary.
    Melissa - I totally agree, lazy is beautiful.
    Munir - sorry to hear that you're having difficulty figuring out how to follow my blog. Thanks for trying and for your comments. Yes BC is beautiful.
    Retired knitter and Arlee - thanks for noticing my pictures.
    Christy - thanks for stopping by. It took me so long to reply to these comments that the influx of grandchildren visits has begun. I look forward to these visits all year long.

  9. Wow, what beautiful photos! I've always wanted to visit B.C., now even more so.

    I can really relate to the lazy days, I thought I would be a writing fool this summer and make all kinds of progress on my novel. Didn't quite work out that way LOL.

  10. Lovely photographs and no, I'm getting no more done than you... and I can't even blame the hot weather because I live in the UK!