Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ninety Eighth Post - Dreams

Dream Work

Last night I had a horrible dream. I was at a beach and had wandered out on the dock. At the end of the dock, in the water,  I saw a hand; a woman's hand with perfectly manicured nails. It was floating above the water with her fingers pointing upward. I momentarily froze with fear. Then a quick glance to shore revealed  an RCMP member walking  towards me. In the second it took to focus back on the hand, the hand was gone. Now visible through the translucent water was a young girl; about eight years old, totally submerged. My mind raced. I needed to pull her out. Why was I hesitating? Before I had a chance to act the RCMP officer along with a lady; probably the young mother, were beside me and pulled the youngster out of the water. I could barely dare to look at what was certain to be a corpse, but curiosity won. I had to look. The mom was cradling the girl and the girl was alive! 

Alive and well. Such relief.

When I awoke I was left with a lingering feeling of uneasiness. Do you know that feeling? 

Why hadn't I immediately grabbed the hand? 
       Why did I hesitate? 
              What if the girl had not been alive? 
                      Would her death have been my fault? 

Do you give credence to dreams? Does this dream have a meaning, or was it a result of the pizza we had for supper? What if anything is my subconscious telling me? What is my self needing to work out?


Do you ever have dreams that linger; good or bad?


  1. I don't dream much but when I do its a doozy and usually has either a meaning or a message or a warning.
    Not only that.
    I found I could be walking through life and just by chance meet a persons eyes and a thought comes that the person.....
    you are going to die.
    Then you find out that the person does die either through sickness or some other way.It always gets back to you too.
    This doesn't happen often but it does and so when I see movies whereby they show people with this gift, I believe that it is true.
    People do have funny gifts. lol

    look inside yourself maybe you feel you are not doing enough or something somewhere is amiss.

  2. Dreams are the brain's attempt to straighten itself out. Much like a storm is a way of rebalancing the atmosphere pressure.
    You ask some interesting questions. Just remember that your confused brain doesn't necessarily respond in a dream the way you would in the waking world.
    Suggestion: Take note and keep moving. There may, or may not, be something in this.

  3. I dream a lot and I always try to analyse my dreams afterwards cause some are really weird. Our minds are full of lots of things and our subconscious can be overwhelmed at some stage - maybe you'll find out about your dream later, dreams and reality are so different, meanings can be found in things we won't expect.

    By the way you have an award waiting for you here

  4. Thank you for the award Marie, I'm heading over to pick it up.
    Rob - Seeing school/work starts this week, I'm fairly certain the dream had to do with my job. I shall pay attention to it and carry on.