Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ninety Fifth Post - Seriously?

There we were, my reverend and I, taking a quick peek inside a christian book store in Lynden, Washington and to my disbelief I came across this...


Precious Princess Bible

I could hardly believe my eyes. Seriously?????? A PRINCESS BIBLE. You have got to be kidding me!!!! This is how we want to represent the Bible to our young girls? I suppose it fits with the whole Toddlers and Tiara's nonsense. How sad! 

It's the day after and I'm certain you can sense my anger and frustration bordering on disgust at this level of christian marketing.

Please don't misunderstand; of course little girls like to dress up and play princess; of course we save our grad dresses/wedding dresses/dress up dresses so our little girls can play make belief. The distinction for me is that one is play; the other is fostering the notion that the idea of princess is real. News flash: not real! Most of us don't end up with a prince, nor do we live in castles. We are not princesses. 

This practice of marketing the Precious Princess product in Bible form is offensive. I am equally angry with the misguided person(s) that came up with the product as with the stores that are stocking the book. Needless to say we will not be buying the Precious Princess Bible for any of our precious granddaughters. How about you?

At what point does marketing go too far?


  1. I have been horrified by The Princess influence in the lives of girls. The blatant marketing of these products that will set another generation of women up for heartbreak and disillusionment.

    To see the Christian branch of marketing fall for this aspect of secular culture is not only infuriating but also heartbreaking.

    Couldn't agree with you more!

  2. Oh, my! I so agree with you! I don't blame you one bit for feeling so angry. Princess merchandizing is offensive anyway -- young girls need to feel empowered and that they have value in any circumstances not like princesses waiting for life's blessings to be given to them -- but to take it into Bibles for the young! Give me a break! They need to grow up cherishing the Bible as is.

  3. If you think you can make an extra buck through "creative marketing," why not? Says the business world. As Christian, father, grandfather, and pastor I look at that and say, "Yup, good marketing."
    It's also appalling! And offensive.
    Would I get one for our granddaughter? Do snakes peddle their bicycles?

  4. Well I find it funny to see a Bible with a name like this but as for princesses.....I find all girls are princesses or should be and women should be queens loved and treasured by their spouses.
    When I hear the way young people talk today it breaks my heart.I never had a Bible as a kid but I did have separate story books from the Bible and I liked them.So they could have been lumped together into a modern version called a Princess Bible. We also had this little old woman who would come to school during lunch
    and tell us stories with velvet characters on a board and I loved it.I wish they would do this in schools today but it is offensive to people lol
    I think any way you can get God into people, go for it.Traditional families are being destroyed every day and there is a dire need to salvage them anyway you can.