Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ninety Ninth Post - Seven

July is over. 
    August has passed. 
  Oh my! 
      School starts again on Tuesday. 
       Just what did I do this summer?

On a much needed light and breezy note, I've decided to join (thanks for the link, Betty), Joanna @ The Fifty Factor in the end of Summer/Winter meme. 

Summer Off Of the Top of My Head

Here are my Seven Off-The-Top-Of-My-Head List of Summer Happenings...

  1. The shed at our Coldstream house has been culled. Kudos to my reverend and my step son who worked like mad men getting things sorted and ready for the dump, mission, recycling depot... 
  2. The unfinished basement/storage dump in the basement of our Coldstream house has been sorted and reorganized thanks to me! To quote the Bernstein Bears, "I can actually see the floor!"
  3. As mentioned in a previous post, I traveled to a variety of beautiful BC destinations. I live in an amazingly beautiful province.
  4. Wedding plans are coming along nicely for my middle's October 1st wedding. Most importantly I have my dress and my shoes. Woohoo!
  5. We had some delightful one on one time with three of our grandchildren. What a treat. What lovely memories.
  6. I wore my bathing suit once. It was not my finest moment.
  7. My first tomato plant has survived the summer, and watching the tomatoes ripen has been a source of much joy.
We're winding down our week in the Okanagan feeling good that the upstairs of our house is clean and ready for the Middle and his soon-to-be new Bride to live in after their wedding. We have almost restored out basement suite; and we call it suite loosely - no stove, laundry sink only, mini fridge, random floor coverings, to a comfortable level for our quick visits back and forth from the coast.

Apparently my union has served strike notice and will be rolling in this newest school year with BCTF endorsed/LRB sanctioned job action. I'm not exactly sure what that looks like for me as a counsellor, but I do know it means no staff meetings. I plan to keep my head buried in the proverbial sand for as long as possible, while endeavouring to do my work to the best of my abilities, whilst straddling the middle ground. I will NOT, not even a little bit, miss this battling of opposing forces. With any luck this will be my last set of negotiations before retirement. 

It is my hope that you have enjoyed your summer/winter depending on where you are in the world. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine of work, eat and sleep; or am I? 

My next post is my 100th.

Happy Labour Day Weekend,


  1. you had a full summer and still have lots ahead of you to look forward to. A wedding ,new beginnings,and living life to the fullest Thats like sooo great!
    The teachers problem sucks. They should not be doing this If its not one thing its another and prices keep soaring.
    Terasen or fortis has 51% shares of hydro now and they will be trying to do the same with hydro prices as they did with gas.
    No one asked the people if they are interested in being gouged in both utilities and so more has to be paid attention here to.
    People need to stop them.This is where we need unions. lol
    Otherwise schools will close because people will move or stop having kids. No one will be able to afford them.I am happy my kids are grown.The future is in their hands now

  2. I bet you´re so excited for the wedding! That´s pretty soon. Glad you found a dress and shoes. Hopefully you´ll post some pics of it here.
    You were very busy this summer. And got so much accomplished. good for you!

  3. Hi Carol .. you've had such a busy time - well done for all the clearing and sorting and moving around.

    Enjoy the rest of the preparations towards the 1st - not long to go .. and you've got your main componenets - no worrying over Mum's dress or shoes to match.

    Cheers - and enjoy the rest of the Labour Day weekend .. and congratulations on 99! Hilary

  4. Carol, we'll really look forward to those wedding pictures in October! Sounds like a productive summer and a good plan -- head in the sand -- for the new school year. Happy 99th! Looking forward to that 100th post!

  5. Thanks a million for joining the Summer Seven!

    My, you've been busy! That's a lot of cleaning but finding the perfect dress and shoes for your son's wedding-- THAT'S a huge accomplishment ;-) Congrats to the soon to be pride and groom.

    Fingers crossed the strike is over soon and things will be back to normal at work.

    Enjoy those tomatoes (I'm jealous :-)

    Cheers, jj

  6. 100 posts is quite an accomplishment. I post about every week and I feel like I'm miles away from it.

  7. @Mrs. Tuna - I enjoy reading your blog immensely. Thanks for taking the time to comment on mine. Once work starts again this week, I'll be aiming for one post a week. I hope.
    @Lemon-Aid - Thanks for stopping by. We've tasted the tomatoes and they are quite sweet. Next year I just may plant a few more.
    @Dr. Kathy - As always I appreciate your comments. It has been a a good summer. My motto for the next while is 'head down, carry on'. Hopefully the job action doesn't turn into a complete withdrawal of services. That would be painful for all involved.
    @Hilary & Betty - I am truly getting excited about the wedding. I'll be sure to post about it and include a few pictures.

  8. Great post and I hope you enjoy this new school year with as few problems as possible!

  9. Sounds like a great summer you had!

    How exciting about the wedding! I hope you post pics!