Sunday, September 11, 2011


Let the bells ring, 
   Let the sparklers sparkle, 
      Bang the pots and pans...


I've noticed from more experienced and seasoned bloggers that this is the post where I get to write one hundred things about me. Without interruptions. With no judgement. Are you ready? Here we go:


  1. was born in Vancouver BC
  2. am Canadian
  3. am the second of four children
  4. have three brothers and zero sisters
  5. attended two different elementary schools because my parents built a new house and we had to move across Vancouver
  6. never really felt at home at my 2nd school
  7. lived beside my grandma Omie until we moved to our new big house when I was in Grade four
  8. thankfully could still walk to Omie's house after we moved.
  9. had many celebrations and fun times with my cousins, aunts, and uncles while growing up.
  10. see less of my cousins now but think of them often
  11. went to and graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Vancouver
  12. attended North American Bible School for four months in 1974
  13. graduated from UBC with  a BEd (music major) in 1979
  14. got my first teaching job in Langley (SD#35) in September 1979 
  15. taught mostly music; Kindergarten to Grade 7, including band and choir
  16. married the boy that I said I would marry the first time I saw him. I was fourteen at the time; when I saw him, not when I married him
  17. had 400 guests at my first wedding. 
  18. married Jim on July 29, 1977 and he was killed on a motorcycle in April 30, 1978 
  19. gained a lot of weight in Grade 11
  20. lost a lot of weight when I started dating Jim then gained a lot of weight after he died
  21. was probably bulimic before there was a bulimia
  22. have always loved teaching
  23. am extremely shy and it takes a lot of energy to be in a group
  24. talk a lot and people have trouble believing I'm an introvert
  25. met Randy when playing at a church fundraiser
  26. married Randy on May 24, 1980 which was ten weeks after our first date
  27. gave birth to Timothy John in 1982
  28. gave birth to Landon Randall Ray in 1985
  29. gave birth to Courtney Lynn in 1987
  30. love my children fiercely and passionately
  31. used to do a lot of music with our family; family of origin as well as with my kids and Randy
  32. play piano/performed piano/taught piano
  33. play the flute at an intermediate level
  34. am an excellent sight reader, and consequently accompanied many musicians 
  35. was involved in a great deal of music in church as well as not in church
  36. battled depression before we understood depression
  37. probably had dysthymia throughout my late teens
  38. fought like crazy with my mom (maybe I still do)
  39. produced and directed many, many musicals
  40. coached basketball, baseball, volleyball
  41. played on tennis, basketball, grass hockey, and soccer teams
  42. was the high scorer on my Grade 10 grass hockey team. I had two goals
  43. won several athletic awards in high school
  44. accepted Christ has my Saviour when I was 8 years old at Green Bay Bible Camp. My counsellor Mrs. Onsorge prayed with me. 
  45. was baptized when I was ten at Bethany Baptist Church
  46. can't remember when I didn't love/know God
  47. never learned how to dance
  48. loved the back yard pool my dad had put into the yard of our new big house  
  49. had many friends over to my house when I was growing up
  50. have a mom who most of my friends love. Some love her more than they love me. She's just that fun of a mom.
  51. felt sad when my dad left my mom. I was about 10. They didn't divorce until I was 16. 
  52. am certain I didn't feel the full impact of dad leaving because mom let dad come and go as he pleased. 
  53. will never forget my brother sneaking his brand new baby (Calida) into the back stairwell at the hospital soon after she was born so mom and I could see her. She was/is beautiful
  54. love all my nieces and nephews a lot
  55. nursed my niece Crystal...funny story.
Whew. Time for a break. To be continued later this week.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Like many others I remember vividly where I was when I heard/saw the news. There have been so many somber services of remembrance today. The world is much smaller then when I was child. We can not escape the impact of tragedies in other countries. We can work in our own lives to be  mindful of what is good in the world. We can add our own goodness to the goodness and hope of others. I continue to believe that while who we are is enough, Better is Possible. That's my paradox.

Enjoy the rest of the day and stay tuned for 56 - 100 facts about Carol.


  1. lol
    boy you shame many of us at this end by doing so many things.
    Looking back at life we just never realize how much we've done over the years.
    You are very lucky to have such a good Mom and this probably made you a wonderful Mom as well lol

  2. I do have a very special mom. We have our very special dance, but I love her very much and have learned many, many valuable life lessons from her.

  3. We now have 56 more reason to like and love you! Which is good.

  4. What an eventful, rich life you've had so far, Carol. There have been real stresses and tragedies, but so much love in your life, too! I'm looking forward to the rest of the list!

  5. Hi Carol - congratulations on 100 posts .. loved reading about your family .. your mother sounds quite superb - a good example to one and all ..

    Cheers - Hilary

  6. Congratulations on your 100th post! Lovely list of life moments and important times, family precious bonds and a wonderful mum!
    Have a lovely week. Marie

  7. Congrats on your milestone! Here's to 100 more *clink*

  8. Congrads. Just getting caught up on my blog reading.

    100 things about yourself. I am not sure I know 100 things to write. I can see how this can be challenging and yet interesting at the same time.

    I missed my 100th post anniversary.

    I wonder what you do at 1000.

  9. Wow, that is very impressive!!! Congrats on your 100th post-- that's big. And especially congrats on the first 55 of your 100-- I love that you could remember your past with such detail.

    High five to your brother for sneaking the baby out to see you and your mom. That's awesome.


  10. This is a new one on me. 100 comments for your 100th blog. Wow! Your life certainly has been a rollercoaster up to item 55. Does it carry on at such a riproaring pace? Can't wait to find out!

  11. Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

    Lola x

  12. You sound like a beautiful person with a beautiful mum. Congrats on your anniversary. Goes fast, yeah!

    I've posted some glorious pics on L'Aussie Travel - climbing the dunes of the Sahara by camel. Pretty cool.


  13. I'm very late but want to say congrats on your 100th post!! Here's to 100 more. :)

    I really enjoyed reading your list and learning more about you and your family. I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

  14. I love to get to know individual bloggers, so I'm very glad you posted this list about yourself!!

    How sad you must have felt at the death of your first husband. So glad you then met another wonderful man and have three wonderful children.

    And as others have said, your mum sounds like a special person. Not many in her situation would be as forgiving and loving as she was when your dad left her.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets