Sunday, October 9, 2011

104th Post - Dance

I can't dance. There I said it. I. Can't. Dance.

As mother of the groom I was to be honoured with a mother/son dance. I was scared witless. There was a list of things to do for this occasion: speaking, playing, hostessing, arranging, being a wee bit bossy - but not too bossy. All of these were a walk in the park compared to the 'dance'!

My baptist roots are pretty clear about the evils of the dance and where it could lead...a loose and immoral life! Oh my! That was in the 60's, yet here am I closer to 60 than the 60's and I still have the dance phobia. 

Turns out my fear was much ado about nothing. Middle son and I rocked at the dancing thing! In fact turns out dancing is so much fun the reverend and I took to the floor and pumped with the youngsters. 

Middle child dancing with his new bride.

At a certain point in the evening celebrations, I took our granddaughter, the flower girl, to our hotel room for a bit of a break; turns out her break was actually her bedtime. Her dad joined us and took over the task of putting her to bed. She had done a magnificent job at scattering petals and by now was exhausted.

I went back down to the banquet room to absorb more of the festivities and perhaps help clean up. I sat down wearily, now dressed in jeans, a groovy top and some very flat shoes. My dear friend and I were chatting when I realized my reverend was missing. Where was Pastor Jim? 

Then I heard it. 

Quiet, vague; a distant chant. "Pastor Jim, Pastor Jim". 

Where on earth was he? The chant got louder, almost boisterous, I looked across the room and there he was. Hand pumping, dancing, laughing...with the twenty year olds. What was I to do? I joined them, at first alone and later dragging my dear friend, RNY with me. Such fun. The bride and groom had long since departed, yet the celebration continued. 

Whoever said, you're never too it right! 


  1. you guys seem to have had a wonderful time.Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. They look like a lovely couple. Nothing is nicer than to see a young couple begin a new life together.I wish them both the very best life has to offer and good for Pastor Jim for gettin it on with the young folk. :)

  2. Congratulations! Such a lovely picture! That dress is gorgeous and your son looks so happy. Glad you were able to let loose on the dance floor! :)

  3. How beautiful they are! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom and all my best wishes to them for their life to come.
    Dancing is definitely the best time to let it go and enjoy ourselves - good to see you decided to follow Pastor Jim and surely you had a good laugh and a great time!

  4. Sounds like it was an amazing event. Well done for getting out on to that dance floor. I love to dance. It makes me feel happy. I'm not too good at it and I rarely get the chance but a wedding is a wonderful time for dancing and for being happy.

  5. What a fab time you had, and good for you for letting loose and enjoying yourself. Pastor Jim's my new hero. And congrats to the beautiful and happy couple

  6. beautiful picture, wonderful memory!
    i look forward to the day my 3 boys meet their matches!

  7. Ah, yes....back when rock n roll was sending the whole world 'to hell in a handbasket'! Sometimes, they got it wrong and I'm glad you had a great time!

  8. Wow! What a delightful and not-scary time you had.
    Let there be more fun and dancing!

  9. Loved all your comments. It was a wonderful celebration! More weddings on the horizon; more opportunities to dance.

  10. Weddings are beautiful. This one seems like it was stress free. Sometimes they can be stress full. As long as we do not let things get out of hand and do not let competition get in the way, things can be calm
    Congrats to the new couple:)

  11. Congrats to the bride and groom. They look so happy. And glad you got your groove on! If you can't celebrate at a joyful wedding, when can you. It sounds like a blast!


  12. Congratulations and how fun! One of my most cherished moments was the mother-son dance at my sons wedding :)
    Keep on dancing :)

  13. That's awesome! Glad you had so much fun.

  14. I can't dance either. Well, I guess I can dance, but not very well. Last times I danced were at my last two daughters's weddings. I swear those father/daughter dances seemed to last a long time. They must have used extra long versions of the songs. Those weddings are beautiful though.
    Sounds like you all had a fun time--as it should be.

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  15. What a great story! And a wonderful picture. Looks like it was a beautiful and very fun wedding.

    I am a terrible dancer but I found myself wanting to join in the dancing too at the end! :)