Saturday, October 8, 2011

102nd Post - This is My Guest Post

My mother, Irmgard is seldom this subtle. Apparently I haven't blogged for a week or two, so she sent me the following guest post. Ah, the gentle nudge of my mother. It is with pleasure I welcome, Irmgard and her guest post.

Irmgard, getting the royal treatment while visiting family in Dubai

You have to understand that the fridge upstairs died. So the upstairs family purchased a new one. The old dead one had to be taken away.

Seeing I am retired I got to stay home and let in the men bringing the new fridge, as well as the men taking the old one away. And that was ok except Luna, our Jack Russell does not like strangers in the house. So I had her shut in my kitchen (downstairs)

When I heard them knock I had to open my interior kitchen door to get to the front door and of course Luna got there before me. I managed to push her into the garage and then opened the front door to the men bringing in the new fridge. Of course just as they came another huge truck pulled up to get the old fridge.  I told them where the old fridge was ...and they said they would go around to the back entrance.. Fine with me....

Well they finally all left and I climbed up the stairs  and can you believe they removed the sliding door and left it against the wall? The floor was all wet, not sure why, so I got a towel and was drying it when my phone downstairs started ringing again. I threw the wet towel down the stairs  and went to answer my phone...I did close the screen so Luna would not run out.

I got back downstairs and decided to sweep up the mess at the front entrance. While I was there I opened the front door to check the mail box and there was Luna on the lawn real close to the road. So I yelled upstairs to let them know that the dog was out!

When I asked how the heck she (Luna) got out front, I was told, "The men left the gate open when they left with the old fridge."

.......well tell me - how did they know the gate was open and seeing they knew, why did they not close it?

Hey, Can you tell if I am happy or sad? (Dear Mother, that is one of the mysteries of life) 

Submitted by Guest Blogger: Irmgard, Mom, Mother, Grandma, GG. Loved by all!

My son's wedding was wonderful. It poured rain but not even that could dampen the joyous celebration. Some of you wondered about the big fear I had mentioned in my last post. It was the mother/son dance. I can not dance. All went well, no injured feet. No bruised ego. 

Happy Thanksgiving,


  1. Well Irmgard seems to be extremely happy and satisfied lol
    Its rough on a person to deal with so many things at once and kids are kids.
    no help at all. lol
    Glad to hear the wedding went well.

  2. I have to agree with A Lady's Life - Imgard seems to have everything under control .. why worry? She's plenty of time to chide you for not posting! Oh well .. glad the wedding went well and you have 10 toes still .. cheers Hilary

  3. Oh my dear mother - the multitasker. I laughed so hard picturing her up and down the stairs, throwing the rag over the railing, Luna barking and escaping, the kids upstairs hearing and answering Grandma's questions. All was well in the end. Peace was resumed. The new fridge is happily in its place.

  4. I love your name Irmgard. So lovely. And I have had those days too. How do they not know when they see/hear the dog, not to close the gate. This has happened when the read the meter here. heehee