Saturday, October 22, 2011

105th Post - Answers

I probably should have titled this post "Questions" because it is clear that I have more questions than answers.  

Occupy Vancouver, why?

Is there such a thing as political truth?

Would society tolerate an "embrace faith" movement? 

Can we take the politics out of education? Please.

We know the needs of many of our at risk youth. What would it take to ignite the will to provide them the opportunity for life change? Do our youth even feel the need for life change?

As I put these questions into print, the word that comes to mind is simplify. 


      if we see a need, can we fill that need? Do we have the will? 

It is difficult to accept that life is worse today than it was when I was 10...20...30...or even 40, yet it feels worse. I have more, yet it feels like I have less. 

Is it possible to stand up and speak...
         without violence...
                  without infringing upon the rights and liberties of others?

And what would that even look like? Sound like? Feel like?

It seems to me that the whole world needs to press the pause button. 

Just stop for a moment. 
             No protests.
                      No violence. 
                                                 Simply stop. 

Maybe a global time out.
Drop everything and reflect! No Internet, no electricity, simply you and your inner self; pray, meditate, whatever you do to get grounded, centered, or if not that just do nothing. 

If everyone stopped.

For a minute.

Maybe our  collective energy would give someone, somewhere the answer.
The answers.

I don't know.

It beats tearing up the lawn in front of my Art Gallery!

Do you have more questions than answers?


  1. I agree.
    People are all on different wave lengths. We need to stop and reflect

  2. I so agree with your sentiments! We really do need to simplify, to stop and get a grip. I, too, feel that life has become worse in this country as a whole. I feel especially bad for the younger people who are trying to get a start. I think some have just given up and have settled into a prolonged adolescence. So sad.

  3. Greetings for Occupy Saskatoon!
    I've got lots of questions. But then, as a journalist, I'm supposed to have lots of questions.
    Why does it seem we're working harder but not "getting ahead"?
    Well, in 1978, the average income was $49,000. Today, when adjusted for inflation, the average income is $47,000.
    Yup; we're getting $2,000 less per year than in 1978.
    Isn't that interesting?
    Maybe just too bl**dy interesting.

  4. For some reason, the words "simple" and "simplicity" seem to rule the day for me. Yours is the 3rd post today that speaks to simplicity in some form. I agree, we need a global time out. It's why I find twitter overwhelming - it's like everyone is shouting all at once and no one is listening. My husband and I have sold our home and bought an RV to travel all over -our two mottos against which we test EVERYTHING are: Make it easy and Keep it Simple. Yes, I have questions, but for today, I am taking a time-out. Thanks for this.

  5. Lady - Thanks for stopping by. BTW, I had a good laugh at your pumpkin pictures yesterday. And very funny joke.
    Dr. Kathy - In my work at a Middle School (gr 6 - 8 in my part of the world) it is heartbreaking to see their challenges. It is also heartwarming to witness their resiliency. What a world!
    Ah Rob @ Occupy Saskatoon. Are you there as a journalist or participant? Can you be both? My concern with the Occupy Vancouver is that there is no clear message. I wonder if there is a better way...I also wonder what it is exactly that the Vancouver protesters want? Seems to me that we'd have to dismantle everything: corporate, government, societal structures and that still wouldn't be enough. Squatters or protesters? I'm not really sure. And doesn't that speak to the weakness of the protest. Just wondering.
    Melissa - I want to be you!!!! Sometimes I feel like putting my hands over my ears and shouting (VERY LOUDLY) would everyone please stop talking!!!!! Sometimes silence really is necessary. We can't fix anything if everyone just keeps on chirping/tweeting. I could go on, but in the interest of simplicity - I shall ponder quietly in my heart.
    Thanks for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment.

  6. Here are some thoughts.

    I'm not surprised there is no clear message from Occupy Vancouver.

    It took the framers of the US Declaration of Independence about a month to pepare their document. There are a lot more people here, with many differing ideas, that the Americans had in 1776.

    Yes, we have been working on a Declaration here in Saskatoon. But we've been at it for less than a week. We'll take a little more time. We have a draft document, which we're sharing among participants, in order to get comment. I'll say more about that by week's end.

    I'm not sure that "dismantling" Canadian structures is the answer. I think making them more transparent and accountable is. Prime Minister Harper promised that to get elected; since first elected he has worked to make his government less accountable and less transparent. There are a number of steps we could take in regard to accountability and transparency in the corporate world.

    I'm not reporting on this, except in my blogs. I am working in Occupy Saskatoon daily, in several different contexts.

    When adjusted for inflation, the average Canadian wage is $2,000 less that what people were making in 1978. At the same time, the average house cost in Canada is about $350,000.

    Trying to buy a $350,000 house in 2011 (when the average salary is about $60,000) is a bit of a challenge. But it bothers me. Not because I'm trying to buy, but because others are trying to buy, and can't.

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  11. I agree with your sentiments, and have felt lately like I definitely want to just stop and take a time out. Sometimes I feel like I have all questions and no answers!