Monday, December 19, 2011

112th Post - ToDo

ToDo not to be confused with TaDa! 
which may come at the completion of  AllDone. 

It's day one of Christmas vacation. A morning to sleep in and catch up on much needed rest. 
But no-ah! 
These old eyes popped open well before 4am and in an attempt not to disturb the snoring sleep - or perhaps to escape the snoring sleep of my reverend, I sprung out of bed and started my first day of holidaying EARLY! And why not, there is so much to do. That's what happens when no one in our place of abode has begun much of anything Christmas related. 
                         Oh my! 
                                  No tree, no decorations, no baking. 

But that all changes today. Oh yeah, you saw it here, in writing! 

  1. Get dressed
  2. Get coffee before attempting #1
  3. Dust
  4. Vacuum Finally! 
  5. Send the reverend, when he awakens from his sleep induced snorefest, down to our storage locker to bring up a few Christmas decorations  (hmpf - apparently he had to go to work! Sheesh) Two days later...but they're up!
  6. Display aforementioned decorations With a little help from a delightful 4 year old!
  7. Begin sewing the gifts that need to be sewed. What was I thinking?
  8. Shell some more walnuts 
  9. Freeze some shelled walnuts
  10. Bake something Christmasish
  11. Find my Christmas baking recipes before attempting #10
  12. Buy gifts to send to family that live out of province.  And what fun it was! I did good.
  13. Drive to a mall nearby in order to buy gifts; this will involve finding a parking spot. This will involve more coffee to calm my frazzled nerves. Keep in mind I've been up since before 4am. Lesson learned; when you get to the mall early enough there is plenty of parking and few crowds. Do I hear a mini TaDa?
  14. Prepare to squelch guilt associated with sending out of province gifts so late they won't arrive until after Christmas Repeating several times: I will not feel guilt, I will not feel guilt, I will not fe...
  15. Call my mother Communicated via Facebook; close enough
  16. Visit my mother
  17. Buy some wine
  18. Do laundry Done and done!
  19. Wrap some presents
  20. Drink some wine, it must be long past noon by now
  21. Buy presents for in province family before completing #19 Now if I can only keep these a secret til Christmas.
  22. Discuss with my reverend the need to put up outdoor Christmas lights this late in the season A GREAT BIG NO to the lights.
  23. Discuss with my reverend the need to put on a tree, albeit a tiny tree for a tiny apartment this late in the season  Another NO from my rev. Can you sense a rather bah humbuggish theme?. 
  24. Nap
DRUM ROLL ------ TaDa!!!!!  
It took three days, but other than baking; who am I kidding, I'm not baking anything this year, I'm well on my way! And just in time cause Christmas Eve is one sleep away.
Just writing the ToDo's has brought on a wave of weariness. Be sure to come back for the big TaDa! I've always worked best under pressure. I'm counting on that now.

It bears repeating - TaDa! 
(only took 3 days to complete!)

On a completely unrelated topic, I stumbled upon a new Facebook page Trying God's Patience and some fun and/or inspirational thoughts. Not a holiday sentiment but good for a chortle. 

Enjoy your day and I'll keep you posted on my progress. If I can find the time.


  1. What a list! Enough to keep you busy all day, but at the same time last one week goes fast so for all to be ready on time, no time to loose!
    Best of luck, will come back to check the progress......

  2. Now I'm ready for bed after reading your list. It is almost 10 am and I am still in my Pj's.

  3. Love the lists .. but the to dos .. no thanks! But now you've finished I need a dust and a vacuum over here - fancy a flight across the pond?!

    Good luck - enjoy the time .. it's fun to do the doing and then admiring afterwards .. I did my mother's tree yesterday and another one for another bedridden lady .. they're a bit odd - but different to others around -

    A very merry Christmas and New Year - peaceful blessed times .. Hilary

  4. When I make lists, I add extra stuff on the cross-out portion just so it looks like I accomplished more ;}

  5. Oh, dear! Up at 4:00 a.m. Sigh!
    That's the easy way to get half your day's work done before noon, isn't it? But it sounds like the owl isn't the only one with CDO, or something.
    This rev is with your rev about lights and trees. Perhaps some advent candles, for hope, peace, joy, and love would be enough.
    It is after supper now. I have read your list. I feel so exhausted that I need to head to bed, now.
    Christmas blessings if I don't see you before the holiday.

  6. Sounds good. lol
    I wish I could have a list like that but it would have too much to list lol

  7. MarieHarmony - the day went very quickly and the week looks to do the same. I'm up early today to continue with what didn't get done yesterday.
    Shanda - nothing wrong with being in pj's at 10. I just may try that today. Thanks for stopping by.
    Hilary - how kind of you to put up trees for others. I'd love to cross the pond. However I didn't even vacuum here, so I doubt it'd be on my to do list when I travel. Nice try though.
    Lost - Good plan, I may try that next time.
    Rob-Bear - I've missed your posts. Hope all is well. Thanks for stopping by. My rev was pleased to have another rev in agreement with him. Advent candles are a lovely idea. Take care and Merry Christmas.
    Lady - Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  8. Just stopping by to wish you a very Blessed Christmas for you and your family. Love, sandie