Saturday, December 24, 2011

115th Post - Accountable

Christmas Eve Day. 

Thankfully I was able to complete the sewing projects I had begun at a leisurely pace earlier this week. Yesterday that pace picked up and turned into a veritable sewing frenzy. I took pictures but can't post them until after Christmas.  While I stitched away, my reverend wrapped, wrapped, and wrapped some more. Such a helpful man. 

I must confess I wasn't singing his praises when we headed to the stores for some last minute buying. Ever the passive shopper, I couldn't get much of a yeah or nay out of him. Humph!

Perhaps I should mention that we went into this Christmas season advising all of  our children that we would not be buying them gifts. We'd made donations to a variety of charities on their behalf and we would only  be buying gifts for our grand kids! 

I was now in a panic; self induced, mind you. How could I possibly not buy the puzzles, the calendars, the socks, the 'really cute clothing item that was on sale and I just had to buy it for.....'? 

I am a gift giver. What was I thinking? To dull the pain at least somewhat, we did find a few things to wrap up for our grownup children. Note: we didn't buy anything, at least within the last several months. 

I was missing the frenzied joy of Christmas shopping so we ventured out to pick up a few more items for the grand kids; thankfully I hadn't put the kibosh on buying them presents. 

There should have a been a warning: 


After purchasing a few fun gifts for our youngest family members, I was assaulted by  potential gift buying with every wide eyed glance. Potential of awesome, incredible presents for our children; the grown ones we weren't going to buy things for. 

That was the plan, 
                the rule, 
                my plan, 
                my rule. 

This non-buying plan was almost killing me. Sweaters, shirts, dresses, vests, nutcrackers, piggy bank Zambonies, all at substantially reduced prices

I drool at each new aisle, "Honey, look - EVERYTHING in this store is 50% off. Wouldn't this look good on ....? Wouldn't this? Honey, we don't have anything for ...."

The droll reply, "Sweetie, you said we weren't buying presents this year."

My reply was quick and heartfelt, "But honey - EVERYTHING in this store is 50% off".

My ever wise reverend, sauntered slowly to the exit. No reply required. We left the store empty handed, but richer in spirit. 

Who keeps you accountable?


  1. usually I do shopping all year round so when christmas rolls in there is nothing to do but sit and wait You even forget whats in the boxes lol'
    Shopping with men is never a good idea lol
    Merry Christmas to you and your Reverend.
    Thanks for being my blogger friend.:)

  2. i shop ahead when i see something that perfectly fits someone, but I always want to "feel the spirit" right at the last minute too! Merry Christmas!

  3. A very merry Christmas. Keep smiling.