Wednesday, December 28, 2011

117th Post - Hop

If you're feeling nostalgic about 2011, head over to A Pause on the Path: Best of 2011 Blog Hop to join the fun of a 'best of' blog hop. It's an opportunity to linky up your most viewed and/or most commented upon posts - or both. 

Better is Possible's 2011 most viewed post happened to be #69. The one about my daughter's inking, more commonly referred to as a tattoo: 

   Finished work.

BIP's post with the most comments was #91.  That's the post number, not the number of comments **sigh. Significance is a nod to my fifty-fifth birthday. 

Who could forget my
groovy birthday boots?

It's always a bit curious to me as to what catches someones eye. My birthday and a tattoo, who'd have thunk!

Your turn. I'll be looking for you!


  1. Oh man Thats' a huge tatoo.
    I tell my son never to do this because he was born perfect If he wants one let him draw one thats removeable so he can change the picture
    This is permanent. What happens when one day she doesn't want it?
    I met one old woman in a jewelry store. Every month she puts in a new hole into her ears and body.
    She said her family hates it but its her body and her money.
    Her holes were all inflamed and becoming huge.
    Now why would she do it? She likes it she says and its her business.
    Thats true but one has to think why a woman her age is destroying her body.The same with young people.
    Fads come and go. One day making holes and tattoos will be frowned upon. So why do it?
    People born with natural tattoos try to eliminate them and here perfect people make them . Go figure.

  2. I can sure concur with the previous comment.

    I guess tats are controversial and people like to chime in with their opinions. And birthdays? Well, most everyone likes to wish someone "Happy Birthday".

    Happy New Year!

    Wrote By Rote

  3. I hear you about shaking your head at what catches people's #1 one was one I wrote about Veggie Tales. So substantive! haha!!! Love the boots!!!

  4. Ohh - meant to say that I am popping over from A Pause On the Path blog hop. :)

  5. Well I am new here - but they do look interesting - I haven't even checked on mine - I will have to do that! sandie

  6. Oh, it was fun to see these pics as I missed the original posts. Love your boots!! :)

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you a very Happy New Year!! :)