Saturday, January 14, 2012

123rd Post - Snow

Welcome to a snowy Saturday in the suburbs of Vancouver!
I woke up early and by early I mean 3amish. The urge to venture out on the deck for a closer look was irresistible. It was quickly evident that a picture was in order and in I went to fetch my camera. Seeing one of us was still sleeping which was verified by the larger than human sound of snores coming from the bedroom, I needed to move about very quietly. Best not to disturb the reverend.

Armed with my pretty little pink Sony Cybershot I tippy-toed back out on the deck. No need to cover up, it's 3 in the morning. We live on the top floor...all is calm. 

The beauty of the falling snow has captured me. 
            Snap, snap, snap...
                     flash, flash, flash....
                                  absorb the moment...
                                        feel the chill...
                                                     a magical moment....

WAIT! What's that? A disturbance in the still. A creepy feeling of being watched comes upon me.

I look down towards the sound of footsteps crunching in the snow. Why is this person staring up at me? Could he possibly be wondering what the crazy lady in her night clothes is doing dancing gingerly on her very cold deck in her now freezing bare feet? Silly man! She's taking pictures of the snow. In the dark. 

What would you have done? I couldn't very well run back inside. That would have looked suspicious. My first thought was to take his picture. After all, what if he was a robber? My picture could aide the police in an arrest. Stolen property would be returned to the owners. I'd be a hero and all because I was up at 3am, outside in my night clothes taking pictures of the snow. This could potentially be my Stephanie Plum moment. 

How many thoughts run through your mind in moments like these? Apparently mine processes a myriad. As I posed my camera to take the ruthless robber's picture, my mind snapped back to reality. I composed myself and smiled winningly to the man below, clicked a few more pictures of the snow and then confidently headed back inside.

 And how has your morning been thus far? 

Looking out toward Hwy 1

Snow was starting to pile up in the
parking lot beside our complex

I almost forgot, I was so inspired when I woke up to the snow I wrote a poem. A Diamante no less. It was this poem; begging for pictures that prompted me out on the balcony in the first place. In the future I shall stick to reading, not writing poetry.

white, fluffy
drifting, swirling, blowing
carpet of flakes from sky to ground
falling, glistening, covering
fresh white 

If the snow lasts and if I can stay awake during the day, there may be more pictures later.


  1. We had so little snow last night but up the street there was much more. My son and his friend went out after midnight with the dog to the high school to play with the snow. Its a rare treat for the dog as he rarely is taken for long walks and what better way to clean the fur than in fresh white snow.?
    So he played like a baby and when they got home he was pooped. His muscles hurt and I heard him complaining before falling asleep.This morning his legs are stiff and we laughed.

    What kind of PJ's were you wearing?
    Anything a guy can see sights in the middle of the nights? lol
    Had to say it lol I know I forget sometimes so I make it a habit not to wear night gowns.Hope it wasn't a robber.

  2. Hi Lady. PJ's were decent - I'm that old! My feet were freezing though. Must consider getting slippers. Not a robber but one of the security guys our complex has hired for the weekends. It was truly beautiful watching the snow come down. So peaceful. Now it's melting. Hope you're enjoying the lovely sunshine.

  3. What lovely snow, Carol, and what a delightful story, too.
    It's snowing here in River City, tonight. It' just about midnight, and I can Bearly see across the river. "They" say 15 cm (about 6 inches) over then next couple of days; I say I'll believe it when I see it.

    Love the Lady's story. (You attract such interesting readers.)

  4. Oooh - it evolved into an exciting mystery story! I think you handled it just right. Imagine if you'd taken his picture and he'd just committed a crime and then he'd be after you! I watch too much TV!! I love the poem, and I am going to play around with that Diamante style - it's neat. Enjoy your snow!

  5. Hi Carol .. I wonder what he was thinking of all day - bet it wasn't the snow ..

    Cheers - fun story .. has it stopped snowing .. is it still snowing?

    Thankfully we haven't had any this year .. cheers Hilary

  6. Nice post, nice comments, nice pictures but alas 34 deg C here.
    I think I could definitely do with a bit of chilling.
    Blessings Carol, Geoff.