Saturday, January 28, 2012

126th Post - Solitude

Early morning is my hands down favorite time of the day. 

The solitude of early awakenings is the perfect venue
 to process the echoes of the day before, to lay them to rest; 
to listen for  the whispers of an emerging day.  
More-so it's that place of in between. 
No more yesterday, not yet today...
The here and now! An emptiness that is not lonely. 
I am alone but not alone. 
My time to reflect on the possibility of a new day. 

Sunrise in Parksville 2010

With all that is perplexing, concerning, worrisome, impossible..
it is my time to wonder about positive outcomes,
it is my time to dream of reconciliations, to savour thoughts of seemingly impossible goodness, 
it is my time for an internal smile that begins in my soul and ambles outward reaching my lips.
I smile in my solitude.

Perhaps it's a sign of my age, but I'm left with praise and gratitude summed up in these simple words...To God Be the Glory!

The if only's will come soon enough, for now I relish my solitude.

If you have the time click on the song title and have a listen to Clay Crosse singing
 I Cannot Hide From You (Psalm 139) , a reflection of my heart's song this morning.

Yes, To God Be the Glory! 


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  1. That is an incredible photo. I can't imagine seeing it in person

    1. Thank you Shanda. Amazing that I took it with my little pink Sony Cybershot. Parksville is a stunningly beautiful place on Vancouver Island.

  2. Important point you noted: Solitude and loneliness are not the same thing.

    And yes, solitude is a good thing for us. As is community. I think we are healthiest when we know how to move back and forth between the two.

    Thanks, Carol.

    1. Yup, balance is the key. It's tricky at times, but as an introvert, the solitude gives me energy for the community time. Having said that, I have to be mindful not to isolate too much.
      Thanks for stopping by Rob.

  3. What a gorgeous picture, Carol, and I so agree with your sentiments about solitude: it can be such a blessing and a great way to start the day!

    1. Thanks Dr. Kathy. I do love my quite time in the morning.

  4. A very beautiful picture! I have learned to love my solitude in the last six months, though I still enjoy being with people, I love quiet.

    1. I know what you mean! Like Rob said, it's about balance.

  5. You caught the best time of the whole day
    I used to love waking up like this early in the morning when the sun just begins to peak. It's so quiet and I'd go out for a long walk then I'd go to school.
    Now I go to bed around that time lol I've become a night owl.

  6. Whew - your picture of what you see each morning -is just awesome - beautiful. I am not a morning person but if I saw this I just might become one! sandie

  7. When you contemplate such beauty, solitude is a blessing. As you admire God's creation in silence, you feel peace and the promises of a new day to come bring joy to your heart.
    Thank you for sharing your morning glory.