Saturday, May 12, 2012

134th Post - Speechless

I know, I know, it's been a while. But hey, I've been preoccupied. If you've missed me please accept my humble apology and I in turn will gladly receive your forgiveness.

So what's been so important that I've neglected my blog? So glad you asked.

                         Be forewarned this is all about ME! 

Picture me jumping up and down, wild hand clapping, a grin the width of Canada, bursting at the seams to finally be able to tell that I applied for and was accepted as a Vice Principal in my school district. Woo Hop!

You know how people tell you to never say never? Well there may indeed be truth in that. When I started my teaching career m a n y  years ago, I said I would never be an administrator. Teaching music was my thing. Period. As time went on and music programs were 'ahem' reduced, I fell in love with having my own class of students for ten whole months at a time. And you know the rest of that story...I became restless and remembered the dream of my twenties about maybe, someday, being a counsellor. And so off to grad school I went:
        proudly completing my MA in Counselling; 
            becoming a member of our provincial clinical counsellor association;
               happily stepping into the role of school counsellor. 

That was that! No more changes until I crossed the finish line and stepped into retirement. Yeah right! 

Roughly two years ago, I started to get a niggling that just maybe that thing I said I'd NEVER do might just be something I might want to become. Gasp...a school administrator. I won't bore you with the details, but this past Monday, I was offered and accepted the position of Vice Principal at an Elementary School in my  district. The exact details of my assignment have not been finalized, but I am ecstatic. Seriously, I can't stop smiling. There is a sense of disbelief that this thing I said I'd never do has now come upon me. And I'm loving it!

I have a fabulous Principal who is already anticipating my needs. She has set aside my own box of rubber gloves. Apparently it's not all guts and glory; sometimes it's about cleaning up the messes. 

So what do I know?

I am blessed. For over three decades I have worked in a field that I am passionate about. I get to continue working in that same venue, yet in a different role. I get to look at education through a new lens and that is exciting.
I know there will be challenges. I know I will get tired. But I am so glad that my beloved reverend encouraged, pushed, and listened to me ad nauseam throughout this entire process. He has been my champion! 

So, forward I go, integrating all my previous educational roles. If education is the elephant in this room, I'm shifting my perspective, taking a step around to experience yet another view of this enormous beast. As I put all the pieces together it is my hope that I can pass along the passion, the joy, the hope that this job we do; the education of our youth, is the best job ever! Along with the discouragement, the frustration, the anger, the sadness, we can hang on to the joy, fun, purpose, knowing that we will not give up, because what we do is life changing and because: Better Is Possible.

It's good to be back!


  1. Wow! Exciting times on the wet coast! (Er, um, west coast, sort-of.) So good that this has happened. Congratulations. You can be excused for your mini-sabbatical.

    A new dream coming true. Not that the old dream was bad. New dreams sometimes take a few years to unfold. Then they surprise us. And that's good, too. Having been faithful in one task, you have ben given another one. These things happen within the economy of God.

    Yeah, never say "never." I've got some stories for you about that, too. One about a colleague in radio who is now a pastor, after he said that was something you'd never catch him doing. (I thought at the time, "Don't say 'never' when you're dealing with God.")

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  2. Congratulations Dear Girl!!

    You will make a wonderful Vice Principal! Sure is exciting to be around small children.
    They are life and a treasure and a blessing.

    I kept remembering that my second son was a monkey in The Chinese horoscope and so the teachers had a group of monkeys to raise and graduate and they were sure little monkeys. Now they are all grown up.
    You will have an enjoyable job so do enjoy it and have fun doing it.
    Happy Mothers Day!!

  3. Hi Carol .. that is really special - well done. All I can say is enjoy this time - what a great offer and an auspicious start - Happy Mother's Day ..

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Wow, congratulations to you, Carol! I could feel your excitement while reading, and this post brought such a smile to my face. Way to go and best of luck in your new role!