Sunday, August 12, 2012

138th Post - Lighten Up!

It has been vaguely comforting to tsk tsk my Americans friends. There they go again. I'm not talking about the American Woman's Soccer team dissing our Canadian Girls. I'm referring to the big anti-christian tide that seems to be growing exponentially. Apparently not being content to stop at the border, gasp, it has spread to Canada. Our very own Prime Minister was vilified for belonging to the, wait for it...Christian and Missionary Alliance. Say it isn't so!

I'm not sure how long I've been snoozing but I seem to have woken up to a rather large, loud, and growing anti-christian movement. And I don't like it one bit! How did this happen? Apparently as a christian I have become fodder for ridicule.

My faith is securely attached to the person of Jesus Christ, God's son, who was born to the virgin Mary. After a short life of 33 years, Jesus was crucified. He died, yet rose three days later. His death and resurrection are the atonement for my sins. Sin being defined as separation from God. Sound mystical? Unbelievable? Perhaps. But isn't that what faith is? I can't prove it, nor would I make that attempt. Oh, and by the way, I believe in the Bible. I will not argue its authenticity, but I will testify to its relevance in my life.

Both the USA and Canada were built on faith based principals. "In God we Trust" and "God Bless our Land" are cornerstones to our perspective countries. It seems that change is afoot. Not such an easy thing, this changing. It is almost impossible for many. Changing your side of the bed, coke to  pepsi; those are hard enough. Giving woman the vote, letting women in to medical school, inviting women to be ordained; almost impossible.

What kinks me is that in order for change to happen, often (not always) its driver is a total disrespect and regard of the status quo. Right or wrong, there are strong beliefs attached to how we do things, to where we park our faith. I'm certain that many of my peers have stories of family members who died for their beliefs. We didn't get to where we are without sacrifice. So, I wonder, if just maybe, as we move towards a new way, we need to recognize those sacrifices. And yes, I realize that there was also corruption, abuse, and despicable acts that went along side some of the solid good that was done.

There is no expectation that the people around me see things as I do. However, must you work so hard to make me look like an idiot in order to validate whatever it is you believe? Can't we play nice?

My faith, my core beliefs have sustained me throughout my life. They have anchored me through tragedy, depression, celebrations - you get the picture. I should only speak for me (maybe some of my family, perhaps a few friends), so here's my deal:

My hope is based on nothing less than Jesus Christ and righteousness. 
I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly trust in Jesus's name. 
On Christ the solid rock I stand all other other ground is sinking sand. 

And yes that works for me! It's about relationship. You don't have to agree, it may not work for you, but it's MY story!

Often we attack what we fear. Fear often has its roots in the unknown. I suppose the challenge may be to take some time to discover what we don't know. Shed some light so to speak. Lighten up! Maybe less right and wrong; more right and right? For sure less finger pointing!

It's a big world and I continue to believe that Better is Possible.


  1. Well said, Carol. Things have gone so far the other way, that we were actually cautioned NOT to make too many references to Jesus Christ on our church float for the community parade...lest we "offend" someone!
    So sad....Meanwhile, they're having the Gay Pride parade in the West End across town...I just don't get it.

  2. I Love your rants :)They always have so much value to me.

  3. I agree It is sad.
    the US is going through change as Obama promised.
    In fact many people want/have multiculturalism as opposed to a melting pot. They want so many languages so as to make English an extinct language.
    We are coming into another industrial revolution type of days when everything changes and people will have to adapt to a lot of different things.
    Religion is supposed to be private. The more private it is the more people will want to get in. Its when you go public with it that trouble begins. With Christians, people have to want to come in of their own volition. If they don't, then Christians must carry on till a wave of understanding occurs.
    There are always miracles that occur which make people reflect.
    When Christians are forced to make changes in their religion, it must be made clear the same changes should apply to other conservative religions. If they don't apply or are not accepted, then discrimination charges could be placed against the complainers and enforcing agents. There are many conservative religions which would not accept change and go by the book. lol It's one way to shut up the liberals who say everything is ok and destroy traditional families so prices go up to care for people
    Have to have a sense of humor. lol