Sunday, August 19, 2012

139th Post - That Was Quick

Today is Sunday,  August 19th and I start back to work tomorrow. This may have been one of the quickest summer holidays ever. Short, but great. This summer I...

  • worked a week longer than usual
  • spent a week at UBC enjoying Shortcourse 2012
  • had a wonderful mini vacation in Cannon Beach with my daughter 
  • hosted five night sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's for I and I - together
  • visited my local library a lot
  • read a lot
  • ate a lot
  • drank my fair share of wine possibly more than my fair share
  • attended a celebration of life for a young man who passed away far too soon
  • had Grandma time with Cambers, but not enough
  • visited my mom, but not often enough
  • drove back and forth to Vernon, but not often enough
  • worked to exhaustion in my yard with love
  • watched two ducks swim in our little pond
  • celebrated my birthday
  • missed my reverend while in Vernon without him
  • swam in Kal Lake
  • watched a deer with antlers watch me while eating leaves in our yard (the deer was eating the leaves)
  • kayaked with friends on Okanagan Lake
  • had breakfast with my kids more than once 
  • was able to visit with my kids all at the same time 
  • spend time with good friends, but not often enough

...I'm certain I have forgotten some events/activities, but that's my list for now. 

The picture version of Summer 2012  

Working under the walnut tree

The view to the east

A portion of the yard


The water lilies went a bit crazy

A view of the valley

Ripening cherries

Oh dear.

So happy to be celebrating another birthday.

Birthday present from my son.

Back of my new hat

The cherries were incredible this year.

Part of the harvest from the 'little' cherry tree.

Cannon Beach

A sunset in Cannon Beach


Horseback riders on the beach

Look out. 

Cannon Beach - the town
Mine was a great summer holiday, how about yours?

I'm looking forward to heading back to work tomorrow. 
I think the 2012/13 school year may be my finest year yet. 



  1. It seems like you had a wonderful time over the summer. Great news.

    Since we're retired, every day is a holiday, more or less. But we haven't gone anywhere in particular over the summer.

    1. It feels like we're on the landing approach to our retirement. Or at least we were until I got this new job. Hope my reverend will retire next year and then he'll have little to do but pamper me. Too selfish?

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time this summer and made tons of memories :)

    1. Summer has been grand, just wish I'd been able to see my mom more.

  3. Hi Carol .. sounds just wonderful - very full, but very very satisfying and being able to spend time with family and more family .. and then some.

    Love the matching photos - what a glorious Summer 2012 you had .. and just enjoy 2012/13 - could be very good ...

    Have a great first week back .. cheers Hilary

  4. Great list, Carol - I enjoyed reading it!

    1. I'd love to read your list do such fun things. Seems you're always on the go. Enjoy the last bit of Aug. before school starts.

  5. Fabulous photos. Sorry to hear your summer's over. We're in the middle of a pretty hot (for the UK) summer here right now!

    1. Thank you. Yes it's cooled down considerably in this part of Canada. Hope you're finding relief in your heat wave.

      Does anyone know why my replies are highlighted in this lovely green glow? What have I done now? How can it be fixed?