Sunday, September 23, 2012

142nd Post - Neglect

My poor neglected blog. I miss you. You are never far from my mind, yet not close enough for a truly good and thorough visit. My time is spent lurking on others' pages, skimming their valuable words, then rushing away without even a brief hello.

This mustn't go on. This is no way to maintain and nurture an important relationship. You have enriched my life and what do you get in return? Neglect.

Summer has ended, fall has arrived. Life will soon return to a more gentle ebb and flow. Thankfully this quiet hour of the morning offers room  for a quick rendezvous. 

Dear Better is Possible, you were born out of need, grew out of passion, and continue in delight. You have become that friend...the close friend, where time apart does not diminish our connection. 

Until next time, stay strong.


  1. What a delightful love story.

    Sadly, life sometimes does get in the way of blogging.

    Here's to the days when Better is Possible.

  2. There's no doubt that sometimes life gets in the way of even our best intentions. I find it harder and harder to keep up with blogging lately, even though I love doing it.

    See you whenever you are able to return! :)

  3. Hi Carol ... a break sometimes is such a necessity - so it'll be good to have you back .. and your blog will be happy!!

    Cheers Hilary