Saturday, November 3, 2012

145th Post - Catching Up

T'was a busy week, this week of Halloween 2012.

      with a dash of crisis. 

First the crisis. On Tuesday, my dear mother Irmgard was rushed to hospital via ambulance due to severe chest pains. Upon receiving the text message, I left school and headed to the hospital. Her tests were completed with astonishing speed. Then we waited to hear the results. Inconclusive. Now, poor dear Irmgard will be subjected to more tests until the cause of the pain can be detected. Thankfully, mom lives with brother Len and his family, so has many eyes on her, allowing me to rest a bit more easily. 

The busy was doubling up library classes to accommodate teachers and prep time. Yikes, 45+ kids in a library, exchanging books - yes, at the same time!  WHAT was I thinking?

The fun was the annual Halloween parade. Over three hundred students paraded in and out of classrooms strutting their Ghoulish finery. Monster Mash, Adam's Family, Purple People Eater were only a sampling of the tunes blasted over the PA, adding to the festivity. It was a good thirty minutes of delightful joy!

 This year I dressed as a nun.
 Apparently few children know what a nun looks like, let alone does.
 I was called a range of things, from Mother Teresa to Captain Fantastic.
 Reflecting on the day still gives me a giggle. 

Sounds good so far, eh? Oh but there is more...
The spectacular was seeing Barbra Streisand live, herself, in concert at Roger's arena in Vancouver. Oh my!

Babs has still got it. By far the biggest thrill of the night was when she came out on stage. Just being in the same room was her was worth the price of admission. Everything after that was bonus.

Excited to connect with  friends!
Waiting for the show to begin.
So there you have it. A week to remember.

What were the highlights/low lights of your week?