Saturday, February 9, 2013

150th Post - Family Day means Nothing to me!

Our long awaited BC Family Day long weekend has arrived.


Almost everyone ~ young & oldish ~ I've talked to lately is exhausted, sick, or both. How did we ever get through February without this holiday? My plan is to do nothing that I don't want to do. No 'have to's this weekend. Speaking of 'have-to's' there certainly have been a host of those lately. In the rush of things to do, I am thankful for some time to do nothing.

That's it. Nothing more to say. In the absence of profound wisdom from me I leave you with this thought stolen from my friend TT...

Easier said than done.

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are. If you're a fellow BC'er, Happy 1st Family Day Weekend.


  1. Hi Carol - hope it all pans out - lots of sleep and quiet .. enjoy - Hilary

  2. The greatest gift you can give yourself is permission to do only what YOU want to do for a bit. Good for you - enjoy it!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Melissa. Sometimes there is a bit of guilt when we purpose to take a break. It's been a good weekend so far. How about you? Do you have a holiday in February?