Monday, December 23, 2013

158th Post - Waiting (Virtual Advent Tour 2013)

There is no better reason to revive my blog than today's participation in the 2013 Virtual Advent Tour. This has become one of my most treasured Christmas traditions. In 2010, with tears streaming, I wrote about Christmas memories of my Omie. 2011 was the joyous account of sharing my well worn 'Christmas Story' picture book with Iyla and Isaac, two of our grandchildren. Hard to believe that 2012 has already fast forwarded to 2013.

Christmas 2013 will forever be remembered as 'the Christmas of waiting'. To-date, our daughter, Courtney is 10 days overdue with her first baby. Clearly this young one has a schedule of its own, not unlike the rest of this ever-growing clan. Our Christmas season has been tentatively scheduled around the impending arrival of grand-baby #10. Papa and Grandma's little apartment is bursting with travellers from afar here for the arrival of @BabyBolen. (yes he/she has their own twitter account - don't ask!)

In an attempt to keep this growing, active family entertained with something other than laptops, iPads, iPhones, Androids, TV etc. the birth of a hopefully annual Christmas tradition was born: a trip to Stanley Park for a ride on the Christmas Train.  

To quote 6 year old Cambria,

"We've GOT to do this again next year!" 

Here's a picture walk. Keep in mind these were all taken with an iPhone, on a moving train. We spent the late morning, early afternoon exploring, but can imagine that under the night sky, the lights must be spectacular. 

Santa & Friend
Rudolf the Red Reindeer
Santa's Workshop
Waiting for the train
Here it comes
Sitting in the front
Loved the theme
     Completely in the moment      

Our plans don't end with the Christmas Train: there is Christmas day at Irmgard's (who at 79 is experimenting with a new stuffing recipe); Christmas in Vernon; Christmas in Kelowna; Christmas with Grandchildren - Iyla, Isaac, Megan, Josh, Sarah, Matthew, and Levi.

As I get older I continue to work on embracing the moments, being present in the now. Life is often a complicated busy with more of 'doing the life' than 'living the life'. I enjoy this week of year, the in-between work and Christmas day. I don't always get it right. I still mess up plans (like communicating the right time to meet very pregnant Courtney and Derek at Stanley Park), but I'm getting better.

In keeping with the Charlie Brown theme at this year's Christmas Train,
 I leave you with Linus.

Merry Christmas. 


  1. I was hoping you would re-appear by Christmas time! Delightful, newsy post! Hope mom and baby (with twitter account) stay well.

    Both my Bear blog and poetry blog are still popping out new posts, from time to time. We expect to have a fairly quiet, family, Christmas, yet filled with the grandchildren's exuberance.

    Christmas blessings and Bear hugs to your clan!

  2. Same to you Rob. I need to follow your other blogs. I always enjoy your postings.
    Enjoy the holiday season,

  3. I hope the baby arrives soon!! It looks like you are having fun in the meantime. :) Thanks for joining in this year!

  4. Merry Christmas to you Carol and to your Hubby.
    Hope the baby arrives soon lol
    That is a real gift.

  5. I love what you said: "As I get older I continue to work on embracing the moments, being present in the now." Me, too! Thanks for a lovely reminder of what's really important about this time of year--family and enjoying those wonderful moments. Merry Christmas!

  6. What fun...waiting with a bursting heart for a new baby at Christmas time! So glad the holidays are filled with joy for you and yours! Xo's

  7. Happy New Year and congrats Gramma on the new arrival!!!