Saturday, July 26, 2014

163rd Post: Hot Days of Summer

Summer 2014 is creeping by and it's been a hot one.

We've had our annual summer visit from my brother, Tim, his wife, Sharon, and their son, Mika. While they were here we were able to have an early 80th birthday celebration for my mom, Irmgard. Several family members couldn't attend, so we'll happily be having another celebration in September.

I've been rather bored...make that relaxed, and had some time to put together a brief movie trailer of mom's party. You'll find it at the bottom of this post. Anybody else loving iMovie? 

Travelling back and forth between the coast and Vernon has been at a less frenetic pace this year. I'm putting work out of my mind as much as possible focusing instead on family, moves, new beginnings, and when he's available my dear reverend. Jim has now turned 65 and I would love to see him lay down his tools, but he is enjoying working out in the field. He continues to preach monthly at a little church in Port Moody. He's rather busier than I would like him to be, but he's happy, fit, and only a bit sore from unloading all those trucks that show up at his job sites. He assures me that he's learning many new skills and techniques which will be of great use once the renovations to our Vernon house begin in earnest.

I feel very much 'in between' these days. Restless seems to be a part of my in between. There seem to be many doors opening, yet I'm hesitant to explore too much just yet. This begs the question, "What am I waiting for?"

In the mean time we've planned a repeat of our 2013 Parksville holiday. This time it's me, my boys, and their kids. (plus my daughter who is still nursing baby Noah). We had so much fun last year, we booked the condo for a full week. Should be interesting. Maybe next year we can mix the sexes for a combined vacation.

As promised, here's my Ode to Irmgard. Enjoy.

Until next time,