Tuesday, December 23, 2014

165th Post - Merry Christmas

Ah, it's still here, my original, first blog, Better is Possible. Still waiting patiently for my full-time return. In the mean time...
It's been another full year. I continue in my position as Vice Principal at a Kindergarten to Grade 5 school in BC. It keeps me busy. 

A year ago, on Christmas Day, Noah Elliot joined this crazy family. He is grandchild #10, but won't be the youngest for much longer. Luka (grandchild #9) is expecting a brother or sister sometime in March. Jim's youngest son and his fiancĂ© are expecting their first (#12 for us) baby in June. Our beloved Cambia is 7, as is Isaac, with Iyla hitting the double digits - yup she's 10! These little ones bring us endless joy. Sadly, most of them live 4 - 5 hours away, reducing visits to every 4 - 6 weeks. 
The other five of our grandkids come from Jim's daughter and her husband. They have the proverbial quiver full with babies ranging in age from 2 - 17. I suspect Megan at 17 doesn't really qualify as a baby. She's a beautiful hard-working young lady who graduated from grade 12 this year. 

My mom is doing well. She continues to live with my brother and his wife. My dad, who left my mom 48 years ago, ended up living with my brother for about 3 weeks this fall. Without elaborating I will say it was not a thrilling time for mom. My brother, thankfully, found my dad his own place and it seems he's settled in a small apartment and already making many new friends.  

It's been a challenge balancing the demands of work with having the time and energy to spend with family. I toy with the idea of retirement, but don't feel ready just yet. Jim, on the other hand has reached 65 and I would love for him to give up his day job as there are many renovations to be done in our Vernon house - the eventual retirement home. 

As often as I toy with shutting down this personal blog, something stops me from doing so. My professional blog is getting my attention these days. I'm actually scheduled to give a 90 minute workshop on blogging. It's titled, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blog...(credit for the name goes to the brainstorming of my school staff). At any rate, I'm not ready to give up this space on the internet. I continue to follow your blogs, although I rarely comment. My apologies. 

As we head into the week of Christmas, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and hope for a wonderful 2015.

Take care, 


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