Wednesday, January 6, 2016

OneWord2016 Next

Almost exactly a year ago I was struggling to come up with a spiffy, original, meaningful, dazzling, totally unique OneWord2015. It had to be the best OneWord ever! After way too much introspection (self-absorption) the word acceptance became the 2015 word.
January 2016: The Struggle Returns. What will my OneWord 2016 be? Words flit through my head but none settle. This heart rejects them one by one. Perhaps rejection should be the word. Agreed: too harsh.
2015 was a year of change making acceptance exactly the word required. We added two grandsons to our family, a Perry family of four moved far away to Texas, my reverend and I both quit our day jobs (aka retirement2015), we moved back to Coldstream. Change! There's a word? Nope, that's not it yet.
Solitude? Nope. Fresh? Nope. Hope? No. Newness? No, no, no. Not one word is choosing me for 2016. What does keep circling round is:
What'sNext? Each new day is a blank slate. Fresh. No plans. Clean page.
Our morning conversations go something like:
Me: What are you going to do today?
Him: Whatever I want.
Me: That's nice, but what are you going to do today? I need plans, dear husband. At least let me plan your day.
See what I mean? What's Next?
First snowfall 2015 on driveway
Each morning is like the first footsteps on fresh snow. Where to? What's next?
Being the rule bound person I am, two words simply won't work for a OneWord task. Therefore...are you ready for it?
Carol's OneWord2016 is...


Happily done for another year!
The Story of the Log Jam
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  1. Hi Carol - I can understand the What's Next syndrome ... but I like the idea of Next ... having completed all the other 'jobs and things to do' - now to get going doing something fun ...

    Cheers have a good year Nexting ... Hilary