Thursday, January 4, 2018

OneWord 2018

Wayyy back, in 2011, I joined the OneWord movement. My collection of OneWords has been:

2011 Joy
2012 Joy (again...hmm)
2013 Enough
2014 Impatience
2015 Acceptance
2016 Next
2017                (Nothing, Nada, Not even One little OneWord)

2017 never did get its own word probably due to my ongoing adjustment to retirement, or at least semi-retirement. Uncovering 'Next' has been hard work.

How often do we hear that after birthing a baby many women grumble about how 'No one ever told me it would hurt this much"? yet in truth, lots of people warned you about the pain?

Retirement has been a bit like that for me. If the already retired warned me that this was going to be a BIG adjustment, I wasn't listening. And let me tell you it's been a challenge.

Many slip into the retired life seamlessly; my dear reverend is one who has embraced the sleeping in, enjoying daytime Jesse Stone marathons, re-watching Harry Potter, studying the genetics of pigeons...all while single handedly renovating our entire house. (OK, so maybe he's still working, but now without pay). For others the adjustment is a bit more of a struggle. Going from working full out, long days, in a fast paced, high tension position to endless days of little or no routine could be called a significant life disruption. As much as I was tired and knew it was time to go, never did I dream that the freedom of retiring could be a big dark tunnel leading to nowhere. Sounds dramatic...yeah, I'm actually chuckling myself. Although in year one there were some pretty brutal days. Don't judge!

Please don't misunderstand, there have been many many good days, even months. Having the flexibility to be with my grandkids, go for walks mid day, have my leisurely 2 and no more, cups of coffee in the wee early morning has been bliss. A new kind of peace. While it's taken me a bit longer than some, I am enjoying this next phase of life. At least, most of the time.

Having worn out my last OneWord, 'next', it's time for a reset.

 OneWord 2018.


 Less striving. Less wanting. Less comparing.

 Less, but better, because Better is Possible!

Best wishes for 2018.

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